Woman Walks Off St. Kilda Pier Because She Was Checking Facebook

Woman Walks Off Pier Because She Was Checking Facebook

A "female tourist" has been rescued by police in Melbourne, Australia after walking off a pier. It wasn't a suicide attempt. She was just too busy looking at Facebook on her phone.

Victoria Police say the woman - who couldn't swim - walked off the St. Kilda pier at 11:30pm last night after becoming "engrossed in social media".

She was rescued 20m out to sea. With the phone still in her hand.

Image: Serguei Levykin


    Reminds me of the game "Lemmings"

      "Quick constable, run up an stop her"
      "I can't sarge, we've used all our blockers!"
      "Damnit, build a bridge!"
      "We're out of bricks!"
      "It's going to have to be archery then!"
      "But sir, that's in the sequel and we've not got that yet!"

    I really don't understand how people do this. When I was a kid and the new Animorphs books were out, I'd be walking around entire shopping centers following my mum, the entire time with my nose buried in the book, yet still not walking into objects, people, nor getting lost.

      Lol, Animorphs. Hey, I'm not knocking cause I read them too, but the only reason people I know had them was for the transforming 'Animorph' flip-art in the bottom corner

      nobody else wouldve been reading and walking so they wouldve been dodging the stupid kid who was reading an animorphs book. That is, if he hadn't been following his mumdozer, which would have safely protected him from any head-on collisions.

    Good? I can't feel too sorry for her since its pretty much entirely her fault in every way. Its a huge sign though, of how bath that sort of thing can be for you.

    I was sure this exact thing happened 1-2 years ago.

    Now we just wait for her to sue, because there were no barriers to stop her from falling off.

      sue her phone manufacturer for not having an app to detect potential outlets for stupidity

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