Would You Buy An Empty PlayStation 4 Box For $9000?

Well, duh. Of course you wouldn't. But this hasn't stopped one canny/stupid Aussie from attempting to sell his PS4 box on eBay for the princely sum of $9,100. "It is in excellent like new condition," the listing hopefully adds. Don't all bid at once, guys.

Presumably buoyed by reports of Xbox One boxes selling for nearly as much as the console, Australian eBay user 'kungfuchicken01' decided to kick things up a notch by asking $9,100 for his empty PS4 packaging.

So what does nearly ten grand get you? Take it away kungfuchicken01:

For sale is the PlayStation 4 packaging. It is in excellent like new condition. The cardboard box still contains all of the original packaging including the inside insert and instruction manuals.


      Package Includes: 


  • Outside packaging
  • Inside packaging
  • Inside cardboard insert
  • Instruction booklet
  • Plastic wrapping
  • Cable ties

      Please note this is the packaging only. It does not contain the PlayStation 4 or any of the PlayStation 4 cables, peripherals or accessories.

What a bargain, eh? In the spirit of full disclosure, the seller notes that there is a small amount of "barely visible" sticky tape left behind from the box being opened.

"If you would like some more photos of the condition, I will be happy to provide these," he adds. Bless.

UPDATE: The eBay listing appears to have been pulled offline, but another has since sprung up in its place with a (slightly) less ridiculous asking price: it's currently sitting at $152.50 and people are actually bidding!

We're trying to think of reasons why anyone would pay through the nose for what is basically a cardboard box. Are these bidders trying to punk their kids on Christmas, perhaps?

"I could have bought you a PS4, but I chose to spend the money on just the box instead. Haha!"

Actually, if you stuck the reaction on YouTube and it went viral, the box would probably pay for itself...


    It's easy to make fun of the guy, but in all honesty, there's a decent chance he's probably bipolar or suffering from depression.

    I knew someone once who did similar things and yeah they weren't well.

      Haha, me too. This is exactly something my bipolar friend would do. He's a scream.

      More likely (in this case anyway) he knows that the console is in high demand, and is banking on peoples desperation to get a ps4 in time for christmas and not looking at the full details of the auction- just like what happened to that English guy a week or so ago.

      Make fun of him? If it worked he would be $9000 richer for nothing. Hell, I would sell my imaginary PS4 for $9000. Could just buy a new one.

    Pretty sure it's not a coincidence his price was set to just OVER 9000.

    I don't imagine it was too serious.

    So...why exactly would someone want an empty box? I get maybe playing a trick on someone ("look what I got you for xmas!"), but the entertainment of crushing someone's hopes would be short lived, right up until the point when the unhappy recipient murder-kills you to death. Although...that would be one amusing way to break some seriously bad (or good) news to someone...

      "Murder-kills you to death"
      I have no idea why I find this as funny as I do.

    Hope it doesnt end up like that kid who bought a xbone box and got a free console...

    Eh who would want to pay that much for a box when you get a PS4 that has a box.

    Probably because of something like this...


    Lots of people do not read and there is a possibility that some of those looking to bid, think they will get a PS4...

      not everyone has a very good grasp with scamming online .. like my Nan for instance ...

        Your nan wants a ps4? Awesome.

    1) pay money for obvious scam product
    2) take no responsibility for your actions, get money refunded via paypal when scam is revealed
    3) looking for good PR, console manufacturer gives you a console as a gesture of goodwill
    4) +1 free console, -12 internet dignity

    People do this because people DO NOT real ebay listings. I sell items on ebay and despite putting in massive font, bold, red, practically with flashing lights around the comment "We currently only sell the Combinations we have listed in our auctions!" we still get at least a few people a week asking for different combinations!

      I'd say 90% of the question I've been asked on eBay have been clearly answered within the listing itself. It's not usually a fine print thing either. Often it's right there in the listing title and repeated in big bold letters inside the description. There are times where it's in the title, description and photos.
      Although I don't think that's much different to regular retail. Some people just skip straight to the questions I guess.

    New never used? False advertising right there.

      It is in excellent like new condition.

        Condition: Brand New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging

          Ta :)

          @thehasbrogamer the ebay description says

          Item Condition : New : Never used

          It has been used, it was used to transport the PS4 itself, it is a second hand item. False advertising ;)

            After receiving my $9000 cardboard box, I demand a refund because it has clearly been opened, when the listing said it was unopened.

              It's ok, I'm sure Sony will give you a brand new Cardboard box once you hit youtube...

    I saw that listing on another forum. It started with a normal price and wasn't gathering much attention. It ended up being blown out of proportion with fake bids (all the high bidders had little or no bidding history). People were getting angry that someone would try to sell an empty box so they blew the bidding out of control. EBay must have caught on and cancelled it.

    Theres a zelda Wii u Console with a buy now price of $800! I know its a collectors edition but you could almost buy an X1 and A Ps4


    ? A Box ? http://youtu.be/CDNUReQWf78?t=1m

    What an idiot! I'm tempted to fly to Australia and beat the crap out of this guy! $9000 for an empty PS4 box?!!!!! You could buy at least 10 brand new PS4s for that! Better yet, you could buy a brand new car!! Geez

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