Would You Buy An Empty PlayStation 4 Box For $9000?

Would You Buy An Empty PlayStation 4 Box For $9000?
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Well, duh. Of course you wouldn’t. But this hasn’t stopped one canny/stupid Aussie from attempting to sell his PS4 box on eBay for the princely sum of $9,100. “It is in excellent like new condition,” the listing hopefully adds. Don’t all bid at once, guys.

Presumably buoyed by reports of Xbox One boxes selling for nearly as much as the console, Australian eBay user ‘kungfuchicken01’ decided to kick things up a notch by asking $9,100 for his empty PS4 packaging.

So what does nearly ten grand get you? Take it away kungfuchicken01:

For sale is the PlayStation 4 packaging. It is in excellent like new condition. The cardboard box still contains all of the original packaging including the inside insert and instruction manuals.

    Package Includes: [clear] 

  • Outside packaging
  • Inside packaging
  • Inside cardboard insert
  • Instruction booklet
  • Plastic wrapping
  • Cable ties
  •  [clear] 
    Please note this is the packaging only. It does not contain the PlayStation 4 or any of the PlayStation 4 cables, peripherals or accessories.

What a bargain, eh? In the spirit of full disclosure, the seller notes that there is a small amount of “barely visible” sticky tape left behind from the box being opened.

“If you would like some more photos of the condition, I will be happy to provide these,” he adds. Bless.

UPDATE: The eBay listing appears to have been pulled offline, but another has since sprung up in its place with a (slightly) less ridiculous asking price: it’s currently sitting at $152.50 and people are actually bidding!

We’re trying to think of reasons why anyone would pay through the nose for what is basically a cardboard box. Are these bidders trying to punk their kids on Christmas, perhaps?

“I could have bought you a PS4, but I chose to spend the money on just the box instead. Haha!”

Actually, if you stuck the reaction on YouTube and it went viral, the box would probably pay for itself…


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