You Did Good, PA Report

Penny Arcade's editorial operation, the Penny Arcade Report, is shutting down after a two-year run. Led by Ben Kuchera, the crew there worked hard to do quality reporting and writing about video games and pop culture. Their successes are numerous and the outlet will be missed. Good luck to all the PAR folks past and present from us here at Kotaku.

(For a little more on why this is happening, read this post from Penny Arcade's Jerry Holkins, who seems properly bummed about the closure but optimistic about PA's future, which still includes the online comic strip, the PAX events, the Child's Play charity and apparently, some big dreams that are about to become a reality.)

It was a great two years, but now it's time to say goodbye [PAR]


    Read PA several times a week and never knew this even existed. If they're closing down perhaps I'm not the only one who never noticed.

      It was quite decent, worth having a look through the archives.

    Ben Kuchera is a pretty smart guy...

    In his farewell letter he doesn't mention either Tycho or Gabe... I wonder if the parting was acrimonious? Or if he felt that those two were an albatross around his neck; they seem to have made a concentrated effort to shoot themselves in the foot several times lately.

    Eh, it was alright.
    Ben was not the PR guy they needed for it though.

    With 80% of Kotaku's "articles" being fluff and reddit recycling, PAR was a much needed source of gaming journalism as opinionated as its lead writer was. It will be missed.

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