YOU SHALL NOT PASS, Shouts Modern Gandalf At A...Tram

YOU SHALL NOT PASS, Shouts Modern Gandalf At A...Tram

It's a line that for gags is fast getting tired, but the joke here isn't Gandalf stopping the tram. It's what happens next.

Gandalf: You Shall not Pass (SA Wardega) [YouTube]


    what a douche...

    Whats the tram dude doing? Getting out his note book and pen? Gonna take his name down?

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      Yup, that wizard won't know what hit him, there is a fine on its way to Gandalf the Grey, c/- The Shire, Middle Earth, NZ, as we speak.

      So that's the real reason Gandalf changed his name to Gandlf the White. Just to dodge a fine.

    Fun fact, they didn't need to edit that music in, if you get nine people dressed up like that, you will hear that music. It's a scientific fact.

    It’s a line that for gags is fast getting tired

    I'm not tired of it, I thought that was kind of funny.

    On a semi-related note, yesterday at work a woman came in, and saw a banner that we've got hanging up with Gandalf on it for The Hobbit, "Hey look" she says, "It's the guy from Harry Potter".


      I know right! He was so much better as Magneto in Xmen!

        You do realize that Dumbledore (the wizard in Harry Potter) was played by Richard Harris, and Michael Gambon, NOT Ian McKellen.

          Good thing there wasn't a test about it because HE WOULD NOT PA-*shot*

    This is so incredibly dangerous. I didnt even find it funny, its just moronic.

      Because THIS is how people get hit by trains right? By standing in the middle of the track from where the train can see you from a mile away.

      You DO know that train drivers are the ones controlling the trains speed right? Intentionally hitting a person would be considered murder.

        But trains don't stop on a dime. A moment's distraction could be the difference. Sure, this thing probably isn't a bullet train, but you never know.

        akuma07 you are aware that a train cant stop as fast as say, a car, right? And not all trains can see from "a mile away"... it could have been on a bend or over a crest or whatever. Trains cant always just stop at a moments notice.

        People get hit by trains all the time. Cars get hit by trains all the time... and thats when the drivers are paying full attention. What if the driver wasnt paying attention?

    by standing in front of trams? yeah go ahead, darwinism yada yada

    Ahahahahaha. I'll be the first and say this was really funny.

    I catch a train twice a day, and when it get's delayed i want to blow up the train company, but if we were delayed for THIS, I would love it. ahahaha.

    All you people need to get a better sense of humor.

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