Zelda Is Getting A Dynasty Warriors-Ish Spin-Off On Wii U

Well this is a surprise: Nintendo just announced a new Zelda game, tentatively titled Hyrule Warriors, for Wii U in 2014. It's developed by Tecmo Koei, and it looks just like a Dynasty Warriors game.


    Why did I click here… didn't even need to read anything. Was all in the title.

      For the video?

        nah I alrady saw the video on another post.... still dont know why =/

    That really is something different...

    That really well and truly is something very different...

    Green Link, Red Link, Blue Link, Purple Link... or GTFO and do it. This seriously needs to be multiplayer!

    Also loving the scarf and the whole design on Link really. This looks quite promising, I already love both franchises!

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