50 Cent Just Catching Up On Minecraft, Thinks It's Unfinished

50 Cent Just Catching Up on Minecraft, Thinks It's Unfinished

It's probably hard to imagine how busy a guy like 50 Cent is. So, it's understandable that he might've missed out on the way that Minecraft has become a phenomenon. But Mr Jackson thinks that Mojang's super-successful game "looks like they didn't finish it." No, 50, it's finished. That is a completed game that you see before you. They don't all look like Blood on the Sand.

In a CES interview with The Verge, 50 Cent talked about he's just now getting hip to that crazy sandbox construction game that all the kids seem to be going gaga for. Of course, Fiddy's been involved in a video game or two. Maybe he thinks that the blocky, retro visuals of Minecraft are some kind of alpha version of something that will eventually look more realistic?

The path to enlightenment for Curtis is simple: someone needs to make a Minecraft version of the "In Da Club" video or something 50-Centric. Sure, the man has Vitamin Waters to taste, mixtapes to pump out, movies to film and headphones to hawk but I'm guessing that a tribute to the G-Unit capo would be a perfect gateway for him to get friendly with some Creepers.

50 Cent looks back on four years of CES [The Verge]


    It is incomplete. Half the stuff that was promised to be included was skipped.

    She is such a boring interviewer :\

    That was the most akward interview I have ever scene..

    Still waiting for that modding API!

    It astounds me how a single little comment made about Minecraft is taken out of proportion. This site keeps spiraling downhill and stupid articles like this make it less entertaining each day.

    He's right. It doesn't look like it's finished. That's part of it's graphical style. He also seems genuinely excited to try it out and brought it up out of nowhere.
    Sometimes I get annoyed with video game media and how harsh they can be with "outsiders". Not everyone is going to know everything about video games. There are a lot of people out there that I think are at least mildly interested who I think video game media should make a better effort to embrace.

    god what a terrible interview. that woman sounds so unenthusiastic and shy and 50 Cent is not the most eloquent of people. I can't believe someone let that woman interview 50 Cent. Who was in charge of that decision and how awful must the other people have been at interviewing that this person got the job?

    NERD! But seriously it is unfinished. Until it gets a rewrite in C/C++ which annoyingly it kind of would have for the iOS version which I assume exists, and gets real modding support and about a million other promised features he. It isn't really finished.

    Minecraft started going downhill with 1.8 beta. Somehow the game got worse despite all the stuff they added. That new world gen did a lot of damage for sure. I would like to see how many pre-1.8 players/accounts are still active.

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