A Bold Solution For Your Steam Backlog Woes

A Bold Solution For Your Steam Backlog Woes

Backlogs: most of us have 'em, and most of us don't have a chance of wading through it. Well. Not unless we're willing to go all the way with 'em.

For some, this will mean taking their backlog seriously — making schedules, sticking to certain amounts of play time every day. But there's another solution, which Dorkly highlights in this comic.

A Bold Solution For Your Steam Backlog Woes

Extreme? Maybe. Nobody said this was for the faint of heart. But it's the only way, people. The only way to get rid of your backlog is to destroy it, literally.

You can read more Dorkly comics here.

After the Steam Sale [Dorkly]


    I'm gonna get around to it one day. I've created one single category - "Probably Won't Play Again".

    Doesn't matter if its: 100%; finished campaign, shitty game; lolwutisdis, never playing it; or, if I've played enough to deem it 'done'. It'll go into that group, be collapsed, and I shall be on my merry way to reducing my unplayed count.

      Neat idea. I just add all the games I haven't played yet to my favourites. I'll play them till I feel their 'done' and then remove them from favourites.

      So the favourites is always the 'still to play' list. The just only show that category. Similar thing I think just different labels.

      Heh. Similar to mine, but I've broken my 'to be played' down a bit, and I've differentiated the won't play types. My won't-play category is called, 'Don't care'. For all those titles I got included in publisher bundles, and a select handful of titles I thought would be awesome but really, really, really were not and I am now ashamed to own. The kinds of things I would almost be tempted to delete if possible and would immediately re-sell if possible.

      Other categories:

      MMO (Warframe, Fallen Earth, DCUO, that kind of thing)
      Multiplayer (TF2, Counter-Strike, Airmech, etc)
      Adventure Games (@dc - my list is huge in that category, we should compare notes sometime. Funnily enough this is the only single-player 'genre' which gets its own category in my library)
      Completed (stuff like Blood Dragon)
      Can't be completed (stuff like Bejeweled)
      Will Get to It Eventually (Stuff I found interesting, but am not enthusiastic about)
      Will Get to it Sooner (Stuff I'm actively interested in - right now! That's the intention. The list is way too big)

      After that, I usually have my library filtered down to 'installed only'. Because there's nearly 800 games in there, it keeps the lists manageable.

      Last edited 08/01/14 11:12 am

      Mine's "Hidden". For finished, bored of or rubbish.

    I have 1 game on Steam & dunno if Ill ever get round to it

    I have dreams of beating every game in alphabetical order and then I can happily go back to my tried and tested favourites. Unfortunately I'd need a year or two off work for that

      Same, but someone gifted me Ace of Spades and I can't bring myself to play it, so I can't go any further.

    Oh I get it! He literally "beats" every game he owns because the files are *in* the computer.

    steamcalculator search steam ID STEAM_0:1:16124388

    Worth $4903.93
    Games: 349
    Games not played: 171
    Hours spent: 1,846.8h (not that high compared to a lot of friends)

    Too much crap.

      Games owned 509
      Games not played 340 (67%)

      SHIT... well I should probably play SOME of the games I've bought!

        Account worth $11338.45
        Games owned 1031
        Games not played 716 (69%)

        I win, and by win, I mean lose.
        curse you indie bundles.

        Last edited 07/01/14 7:50 pm

          Wow, and I thought my 789 / $9.2k (60% unplayed) collection was bad. :)

    230 games myself...
    Shelved/Finish section contains 35 games. over 130 games uninstalled with 0 play time. Have the assassins creed franchise, haven't finished number 2... Whole tombraider franchise untouched, Dead Space 2 and 3 untouched, Dishonored untouched... Id have a chance at completing them if i didn't keep playing endless games like DayZ, Garrysmod, Battlefield 4, Nether, Don't Starve, Civ 5, etc. My life is forfeit.

    Ok. here's the official steam calculator summary :(

    Games Owned: 240
    Not Played: 114 (48%)
    Hours Spent: 1436.6
    Account Worth: $4996.84

    Top 5 played games:
    Elder Scrolls: 257h
    Terraria: 89.3h
    Civ 5: 78.3h
    Planetside 2: 70.5h
    Dungeon Defenders: 56.5

    Last edited 07/01/14 4:11 pm

      Your top 5 played games is close(ish) to mine!

      Terraria: 341 hrs
      Dungeon Defenders: 164 hrs
      Borderlands: 137 hrs (not correct, played a lot before steam started monitoring playtime)
      Borderlands 2: 126 hrs
      The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: 93 hrs

    But they're still all in the cloud! We need to burn the Internet too!

    Heck, a bit of a shock to the system when you look at the numbers.
    Games owned 230
    Games not played 37 (16%)
    Hours spent 2,953.5h
    Account worth $3284.47
    My fave games aren't even the most played, just the ones that took the longest to finish, not to mention the games I've played without steam.

    I've set my games up into categories also. There are very few I'd like to actually finish now....maybe I'll take up a hobby....

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