A Brief Refresher On Xenogears

I have never played Xenogears (I know!), and so I never actually knew what the games were all about. Now, thanks to Lore, I do. A hamster on a cross, eh? OK…


    ...Pat from The Two Best Friends Play, is that you?

    That crucified fuzzball...
    Forgive them, for they know not what they Chu.

    This doesn't even lightly touch on the story

      I agree.

      Indeed. I played through FF7 and loved it. Then when I got my ps1 chipped, my mate passes me this game.. 'It's never been released here...' he told me. I sat enthralled in it for over 100 hours. Loved it completely. My favorite rpg of all time.

    Not going to watch the video, it's pointless. Xenogears has a really excellent story and is really a gem of a game. I am so pleased to have a copy even though I need a stupid chipped play station to play it.

    I think even, as I get older I can look past the change in story telling on the second disk. I think this is actual Yasunori Mitsuda's true masterpiece, over chrono series in terms of music - it's just wonderful. The characters and story stands the test of time and while the graphics might not, I really don't care.

    What a game. WHAT A GAME. Awakening is such a fantastic song, should have just played that above, rather than that video -------

      >I think even, as I get older I can look past the change in story telling on the second disk.

      I'm not mad at it too. By the time disc 1 finished, I was already getting a bit tired of the dungeon explorations and general role playing, I just wanted to finish the story and that's exactly what I got. I think I would've enjoyed Xenogears a lot more had I played it in the late 90s though (I played it in 2009)

    Please feel free is make light of the xenosaga series but some things just aint right.

    Cant deny I cracked a smile when I remembered the crucifixion scene with Chu-Chu though.......

    This is one game they really need to release an HD remaster for, and actually officially release it here this time.

    Man I loved this game, imported especially to play it.... a pity I am now missing Disc 1... otherwise I'd give it another whirl tonight!

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