​A Bunch Of Google’s Coolest Hidden Tricks, In One Video

I knew about some of these Google tricks already… Atari Breakout, the Zerg Rush, “Do a barrel roll!” But I didn’t know about all of them.

Hat-tip to Buzzfeed Video for putting a bunch of great Google tricks in one helpful video. Be right back, I’m gonna go walk around Google maps as a wee Lego man.


  • Also go to Google maps and search walking directions from “the shire” to “mordor”

    Thats one of my favourites


    also, no mention of Google Maps directions from The Shire to Mordor? (which still works) nor directions from Los Angeles to Sydney where it requested you kayak across the pacific ocean? (doesn’t work anymore), bit disappointing :'(

      • yeh, it used to tell you to to drive here and there then at a pier somewhere in the respective city to Kayak for 12,000 kilometers with a stop over in hawaii, they seem to have removed it though

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