A Game For People Who Want To Destroy Cars

A Game For People Who Want To Destroy Cars

Next Car Game (working title, duh) has races in it. And challenges. They're just window dressing, though, because if you're playing this game right, you'll never see the finish line. Nobody will.

It's a game about vehicular carnage. Screw officially licensed cars and photo-realistic tracks. NCC put all its effort into modelling batshit insane car crashes, and then giving them a sound effect that makes you want to hurt other cars over and over and over until they are dead.

While Next Car Game is still in development, you can buy your way into it now on Steam. I took some footage of it in action below. Note that even if you're not touching anything, races are still exploding, because the AI is utterly psychotic.

Next Car Game [Steam]


    So it's basically Carmageddon, just without the killing of pedestrians and cows?

      And Zombies.

        actually its basically a Flatout sequel - Bugbear came back, thank the Lord, coz whoever tried to make flatout 3, needs to be shot.

          Back in my day, we called it 'Destruction Derby'.

            i played DD2 before i ever played flatout. but i think this is more like Flatout then it is DD

              This looks just like Destruction Derby 64, Man I loved that game


            even down to the car points almost

    Now this is a game where splitscreen multiplayer using the steam controllers would be awesome

    Yes! A prettier version of demolition derby!

      Good Sir, Although I share your enthusiasm, I believe you meant to write,
      DESTRUCTION derby!

    I may be showing my age here but have a look for Destruction Derby 1 and 2, they were such fun games when they came out years and years ago.

    Demolition Derby 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    downloaded this last night & played around with the sandbox tech demo preview part. damn its fun.
    crash physics are the best thing I've seen since Burnout Paradise, destruction physics on parts of the environment are nicely done & even when crashing through a pile of 10,000 tyres sending them flying, theres absolutely no drop in framerate.

    only 3 tracks & two cars available in the alpha, but hopefully there'll be a heap more on the way...

    been following this since inception and I have to say it looks fantastic. The tech demo that comes with access to the game is a game in and of itself already! Amazing.

    The preorder tech demo is rather cool too! My favorite video of it and the reason why I preordered it before today is http://www.nerdcubed.co.uk/videos/nerdcubed-the-alpha-detective-next-car-game/

    Destruction Derby 3

    Very tempted because I'm very much a fan of the good flatouts..

    I guess the car at 1:04 must be rear engined.

      a lot of destruction derby cars are, but that is pushing it.

      also, the developer said something about the damage models not yet affecting driving in game. makes it a bit weird when you're driving half a car that's just been spat out of a grinder.

    I saw the GIF and immediately thought of Destruction Derby on PS1 and damn...I got this feeling in my chest and am buying it right now.


    A new game in the works with excellent car and damage physics:

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