A Game That's Basically All Of The Games At Once

Have you ever wanted to play a game that quickly switches from Mario-style platformer to Ninja Gaiden-style fighting/platformer to Pac-Man-style dot eating to Final Fantasy-style turn-based combat? If so, the upcoming PC game Concursion may be the thing for you.

I like the idea here, as developer Puuba Games seems to be saying, "Hey, we heard you like retro 2D game genres so we put some retro 2D game game genres in our retro 2D game so you could play some more retro 2D games." I've still got a lot of questions about how the final game will work, but if there's really a fully-formed JRPG in this thing, I am gonna be pumped.

[via Rock, Paper Shotgun]


    This actually looks awesome :D

    No I have never really asked for a game that combines genres unless you count me wanting a game that is like Battlefield meets Command & Conquer meets Homeworld.

    As for the game, it's just a platformer by the looks. Reminds me a little of Super Mario World on Gameboy with the ship shooter missions

    Interesting concept (that a lot of people have had over the years), but that sure as heck ain't a looker. Should've gotten an artist on board if they wanted to turn heads.

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