A He-Man Brawler Based On The '80s Cartoon. Yes.

A He-Man Brawler Based On The 80s Cartoon. Yes.

The last He-Man game was pretty good, but it was a stylised thing, looking nothing like the original 1983 series. This game, made by fans, looks exactly like the 1983 series, and is all the better for it.

A group of fans got together to make a side-scrolling beat-em-up based on the original He-Man, and this is the result.

In stills, it looks gorgeous. Moving, well, it looks a little janky, but it's hard to tell whether that's because it's fan-made and unfinished, or whether they're just being true to the source material.

Now for the good news: it's playable, with a demo available. A link and instructions can be found here. If you don't smile at the punchy boom of the laser effect, I don't know what's wrong with you.

He-Man Game [Chrono Crash]


    This brings out my inner Aliens Vs Predator, Simpsons and TMNT arcade cabinet nerd!
    Checking it out now

    Orko & Sorceress seem handier than I remember. Why is Battlecat just ambling about the screen though? I was expecting the other characters to jump on and ride him like one of the mount animals in Golden Axe

      You can ride him, and he's so OP that using him makes you feel dirty.

    Sooooo downloading this now!!! This is possibly the best thing to happen to He-Man since they stopped making the 80's tv series!

      Have you checked out the early 2000s cartoon? Only ran for something like 2 seasons but it was pretty awesome...

        I watched a few shows, and to me it didn't gel so well. I mean, it was animated well, but the characters just didn't grab me like the original. Perhaps it was the lack of 'camp', or not having the moral message at the end, but it just didn't feel right for he-man. Felt like cartoon network style all action no substance kind of thing. I'll probably get around to watching it more some day, but I'm not about to go out seeking figurines for it ;)

          Yeah, my mate and I were discussing 80s cartoons last night vs modern day!!! We were wondering where the moral messages went? We were saying they seem more based on 'how stupid can we be?' rather than 'learn this moral for this week' etc.

          It's not as good as the old one bar a few things, Skeletor and Trapjaw get a great origin story and that's about it lol.

    SO glad a He-man is being made in this Golden Axe/Final Fight style, rather than an FPS.

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