This Is The Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls Collector’s Edition

This Is The Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls Collector’s Edition

A look inside the $US80 Diablo III: Reaper of Souls collector’s edition, aka the big box special. It’s everything in the $US60 digital deluxe version, plus circular pieces of plastic, a square of colourful cloth-covered gel, and a hardbound art book that makes the whole thing worthwhile-ish.


  • If it’s anything like Diablo 3 then I’ll probably give it a miss. While it was fun at first, eventually the game became a real grind and I spent most of my time spamming AOE attacks that killed everything in one hit.

    I don’t know, seems like they focused more on loot then fighting.

    • thats the same with torchlight and diablo 1 and 2, infact all ARPGs like Diablo are about loot more than fighting

      • While I do agree about Torchlight (I found that game way too boring) I don’t remember that from previous Diablo games. It was a long time ago, and I never really got that much into them, but I remember careful inventory management and enemy awareness. Loot was less common but finding a +10 sword was more impressive then picking up a slightly +1 sword now.

    • yeah I get what you mean about the looting. from memory they’ve been tweaking those mechanics though

    • It was the lag that got me, give me an offline mode and all my friends will buy it. I don’t give a shit about an online trade system. I only team up with my mates.

      • I only played it on consoles, where the trade system was gone and loot drop percentage was higher.

        • Heaps better on consoles IMO.

          I’m guessing it will be released on next Gen console with the add on included 🙂

  • Only One class added seems a bit scabby… Obviously everyone will just want to play as the Crusader.

    • It’s like WotLK launch day. Everyone who wasn’t gunning for server first 80 was rerolling death knights and the starter zone was infested with shitzillions of them.

      • I still remember the Burning Crusade launch. The narrator in the blood elf intro talks about this dwindling race, few in number… as the camera pans over greens so densely packed it puts the Big Day Out to shame.

        There’s a named NPC quest objective at the top of a tower in that start zone… when I got up to him, there was actually a very civilized, orderly queue of elves, stretching all the way to the base of the tower. All standing in line waiting for their turn to party-up and tag him on respawn. I wish I’d taken screenshots, it was the damnedest thing.

        • One of the funniest things I’ve ever read, I’m just imagining some guy reappearing, giving his threatening Monologue only to be instantly stomped by 5 BElfs, who need a kill.

          • Slashity-stab-boom, right? Over in seconds. And as his cheek presses into the cold marble floor and his murderer steps forward with a cutting implement to begin the grisly work of collecting ‘proof’, the last thing he sees before black is an endless queue of bored-looking elves, arms folded and tapping feet impatiently.


    • For the Deluxe edition. Which has bonus stuff to make up for the extra price. And the price is comparable to Lord of Destruction back in the day, so what exactly is your point about it “being in a patch?”

      • The patch was released several weeks ago for free. It’s only the level 61+ content that is unavailable to people that don’t get the expansion. So I guess they kinda did do that.

        • The gist of the question was to confirm if he seemed to want the whole thing to be released in free patches instead of paid expansions, not just the mechanical changes (which have to be rolled out for everyone anyway, otherwise different people would be on different game systems).

  • Why is diablo3 online only? Oh because of the market place. Hey they’re removing the market place. Does this mean offline play? NO

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