A Modern Love Story Unfolds, Courtesy Of Nintendo

Stand back, Romeo and Juliet. Here's an epic tale of teenage love, rejection, bad grammar and Miis — all of which unfolds on the 3DS's Miiverse (or in other words, a social network on the 3DS and Wii U).

It all starts with a user asking folks to comment if they need a girlfriend. One intrepid 8th grader responds — and things escalate from there. You can read the full exchange in this PDF, or you can listen to a dramatic reading of it performed by CurtDogg Gaming above...I'd recommend the former, as it's quicker.

Either way, aww, poor Alan. That's how these things go, sometimes...

Allan & Nicole: A Miiverse Romantic Drama in One Act [CurtDogg Gaming]


    Screw quicker. I'd recommend the latter, it's amazing.

      Definitely latter. I could really feel the intricate mix of shock and denial coming through the voice actors portrayal of that handwritten "NO" part. 10/10, would cringe again

    This was genius. Whoever found this awkward exchange of timid infatuations and made it into a dramatic reading deserves ALL the views. That line (something like) "you're the only one who has ever truly understood me... well, apart from my friends, but they don't count". Golden. Isn't that the definition of friend? I can't laugh too much though, this brings back painful memories of me on MSN, and how any girl was good enough to be my one true love :P

    Oh hell that was amazing so much cringing too be had in that video.

    The only way this could have been better is if A) they suddenly realised they were the ones they liked all along at school or B) Nicole's parents were moving to Texas and she wanted to tell him but got banned and then one day across a crowded lunchroom their eyes meet. "Is it u?" "ya" "omg"

    What the actual fcuk

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