A Montage Of Movie Characters Saying ‘Is That What I Think It Is?’

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Yes, Beatrix, that is what you think it is.
“Is that what I think it is?” is a good (and often overused) line, because it suggests so much. Whatever object/thing is about to be revealed, it’s something with enough renown that the character speaking already has an idea of what it is. But it’s also so intense/badass/rare that the character remains hesitant to name it outright.

Is that what I think it is? Yep, it totally is.

This supercut from Supercutonline pulls together 41 famous (and not-so-famous) uses of the shopworn line, and it’s enjoyable not only to attempt to identify the film in question but to try to remember what the thing in question was, and if it was in fact what they thought it was. A full list of the source films is in the YouTube description.


  • I clicked on this article saying to myself “Is this article what I think it is?” and was not surprised to see it was what I thought it was going to be.

    “Is that what I think it is?” has always seemed like a cheap tension builder, and a little frustrating. The thing in question is always kept off camera when the line is said, giving the viewer/reader a feeling of exclusion due to the fact that everyone except them knows what they are looking at. Of course, if the foreshadowing has been done correctly, everyone knows what it is or can make an educated guess and the line just draws out the scene unnecessarily. It’s kind of up there with “Little did he know” in my pet plot peeves list.

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