A New Game Mode Is A Great Excuse To Watch More Garden Warfare Footage

The Gardens & Graveyards mode in the upcoming Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is an objective-based multiplayer mode in which the Zombies must capture Plants bases so we can watch five more minutes of gameplay footage from one of my most anticipated Xbox One games.

Gameplay on my Xbox One looks bleak now, but the grass is much, much greener come February 18, when Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare launches on both of Microsoft’s supported consoles.

This latest video (via Polygon) showcases 24 player Gardens & Graveyards. Each side gets 12 players. The Zombies attack Plant bases, the Plants defend against Zombies. There’s a bit of flower defence involved, as expected from a PVZ game, and in the end we all learn a little something about friendship.


  • Does it have a cross-buy kinda thing? Or maybe the “trade your X360 copy, pay $10 and get an XONE copy”?

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