A School That's Using The Walking Dead Game To Teach Ethics

Telltale's The Walking Dead series is famous for putting the player in life-or-death ethical quandaries and forcing them to make difficult decisions. A creative teacher could probably use the game to identify moral dilemmas and explore those dilemmas with a class. And as it so happens, one ethics teacher is doing just that.

The video above is a Norwegian news report on Nordahl Grieg high school, whose ethics class is using The Walking Dead to explore ethical quandaries of an extreme and often zombie-tinged nature. (Be sure to turn on "Translate" in the closed-captioning so you can understand what everyone's saying.) This is a smart idea that, if implemented correctly and run well, could really get students engaged with and talking about the fundamentals of ethics.

[via Jake Rodkin]


    I wonder what you ultimately learn when you realize that no matter what decisions you make, the final outcome turns out to be the same. I guess that's touching on determinism... but that's not ethics, more like philosophy.

    It's a pretty interesting idea given how profound and powerful the choices in that game were.

      I wonder how useful it would be though since a lot of the choices are morally ambigous at times. The only thing that really annoyed me about the choices in The Walking Dead though was that it could be jarring at times when they didn't always correspond to the reason you chose them. For instance in episode 1 I chose not to give the gun to the women because I didn't want to a) waste a bullet on her and b) attract all the zombies in the area. The game decided I chose it because I couldn't let her do that to herself.

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        Well presumably the teacher would ask why students made certain decisions and then debate from there (I've not watched the video since I'm on my phone and too lazy so I don't know if the wider context is discussed)

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