A Star Wars Smash Bros. Is A Great Idea That Will Never Happen

We see a lot of crossovers in Smash Bros — that's pretty much what the franchise is about. And while fans might clamor for all sorts of ridiculous inclusions in the franchise, there are some things we can realistically expect to never see. Like say, bringing Star Wars into the fold.

No matter. James Farr's wild imagination takes The Empire Strikes Back and makes what seems to be an entire Smash Bros single player campaign out of it. It's elaborate and awesome — especially since, weirdly, Nintendo characters lend themselves nicely to taking up classic Star Wars roles.

Make sure you watch part 2 of this crossover too!

SUPER SMASH WARS 2: The Empire Smashes Back (Part 1/2) A Star Wars / Nintendo-Verse Mashup [James Farr]


    Star Wars Smash Bros already happened. It was in the Wii version of Star Wars Force Unleashed II.

      Nope, it happened waaay earlier than that. Anyone remember Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi from 1998 for the PS1?

      Thought so. lol An absolute shocker of a game.

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