A Taste Of The New Carmageddon’s Car Physics

A taste of the new Carmageddon‘s car physics. According to Stephen Rushbrook of Stainless Games, the suspension is “entirely physics-driven — you can rip off the tires, the wheels, hub, drive shafts, wishbones independently, and what’s left will still work. Ripped-off parts will spin, hinge and flex as you’d expect.”


  • Hell yes. It should be coming to Steam early Access sometime Q1 2014.

    For a pre-alpha level, the textures dont look bad at all.

      • You could do that in Carmageddon 2, so hopefully you can do it on the new one as well.

        I’m pretty excited for this. 😀

  • Awesome one of my favourite cars from the series is in there.

    Was it just me or because of the brightly coloured parts did it look like an Remote Control Car?

  • looks like it should be nicely continuing the trend of Carmageddon 1 & 2; ie. the general populous will dismiss it as being the harbinger of the downfall of civilization, whilst those of us with some contextual awareness will hold it in high regards as a defining title of the genre, not for it’s gratuitous and visceral violence, but for it’s ahead-of-the-curve approach to physics and driving simulation capabilities.

    I still remember how impressed I was at Carma1’s vehicle deformation and locational damage, and Carma2’s ability to completely fold or tear vehicles (and to a lesser extent sharing those capabilities with the pedestrian entities)… looks like Bugbear’s Next Car Game will have some competition for my demolition racer of choice!

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