YouTuber: American Internet ‘Cannot Handle’ Digital Distribution

In his latest video, boogie2988 tackles the issue of digital distribution becoming more and more prevalent in a world where fast, unlimited internet access is still far from being the norm.

“American internet is simply not ready for a digital distribution system.” he said. “It simply cannot handle it.” Bringing up an example of one PS4 user who managed to hit their data cap by buying and downloading just one game, boogie2988 went on to argue that the current state of data plans in the US both stifle innovation and prevent digital distribution from really taking off.

Downloading Games and Data Packages [boogie2988@YouTube]


  • I measured my internet speed at 7mbps………It’s basicly a FTTN set up in my area, I could still use more quite easily because I’m one of those crazy ‘let’s hook everything up to the net’ people. My mum and dad have 50mbps and mainly use it for Facebook and Internet shopping.

  • It’s still practically a luxury compared to Australian internet speeds. Come to think of it, with the possible exception of places like Japan and South Korea, I imagine very few countries internet are up to it.

  • This is why the Xbox One’s original distribution system worked- The idea was to install the 30-50GB sized games from the disc and activate a digital license. You’d then keep the disc incase you wanted to re-install later.

    Data caps is also why I never ever watch Youtube videos at a resolution higher than 360p.

  • Pfft the Americans are complaining? Though I don’t experience any issues with my data cap or speeds, the fact that we still pay pay out of our arses for an incomparable service compared to the rest of the world is horse shit.

  • It’s interesting to see an American call their network not up to snuff, but I guess you have to take into consideration a lot of the network traffic in the US is stuff like Netflix; so video steaming + digital distribution would definitely hit quota caps pretty hard.

    Especially in our country the bigger issue is speed though, not quota; so here’s hoping that what ever happens with the fiber network in this country, picks up speed with implementation and happens sooner rather than later….. Then we can join the Americans with complaining about quota caps. 😛

  • You guys realize not everyone in America has access to super fast internet, right? Some places are still on dial-up.

  • To all the people scoffing at US internet, you need to understand that while in some places you can get fibre to the home, in others, there’s still dial up only. The level of access to decent networks is very heavily skewed toward urban areas. Far worse than ours, in fact.

  • It doesn’t matter that good internet isn’t available for everyone, because the previous system of buying a disk and installing it is still available for everyone. Like digital downloads and have good speeds and a decent data cap? Download it? Only have a 1GB allowance? Go buy the disk. Why are we even having this discussion?

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