Anderson Silva Broke His Leg In The Most Grotesque Fashion, Now He Plays Video Games

Anderson Silva Broke His Leg In The Most Grotesque Fashion, Now He Plays Video Games
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Even if you’re not a fan of the UFC or MMA in general, if you were on the internet you probably saw one of the most grotesque injuries I’ve ever seen in sports. It was the GIF that went round the world. Anderson Silva, arguably the greatest martial artist of all time, threw an inside leg kick. His opponent Chris Weidman checked the kick with the upper part of his shin and the rest is history.

Silva’s leg basically bent round Weidman’s shin in a vomit-inducing injury that most expected would end Silva’s career. Silva’s tibula and fibula were both broken as a result of the kick.

But the doctor’s prognosis was positive. Silva is expected to be training within six to nine months and will be able to throw kicks at full force within a year. Anderson Silva has already stated his intentions: he wants to come back and he wants to fight again. This April he will turn 39. He is already extremely old for a mixed martial artist, but if anyone can do it, it’s Anderson Silva.

However, right now, Anderson can’t even walk without crutches.

TMZ managed to completely swarm Anderson Silva and his family, gaining an impromptu interview with the injured fighter (in part a result of Silva’s incredible patience). During the interview he admitted that all he’s doing right now is playing video games.

He was asked if he picked up any other interests because of his injuries.

“Yeah,” he began, in his trademark broken English. “I play now video games!”

Is normal.

“I play football. Winning 11 [Pro Evolution Soccer in Australia]. And Call of Duty.”

It’s almost ironic. For the decade Anderson Silva has fought in a style that came straight from a video game. Now he’s spending most of his time playing them. Good luck to Anderson Silva in recovering from what looked like a career-ending injury.


  • i saw the video and cringed…
    But that picture… on all it’s non-blurriness of the gifs and videos i’ve seen

  • I think you can break the leg from a low kick in UFC Undisputed 2010. But I’ve never seen anyone actually do it in-game.

    • It’s happened to me fighting against the CPU in the game.

      I LOVE the leg kick noise/ animation in that game and I tend to go a bit feral on them.
      So satisfying!

  • I’m not sure, but I think this is the second injury done like this that I’ve seen from UFC? Either way, it’s never good to see someone injure themselves like that, but good to see the prognosis is good

    • It’s happened one other time in the UFC, a few years back, to a fighter named Corey Hill while he was basically doing the same thing as Silva.

      But since this was such a high profile fight, so many broken shin videos are now surfacing on the internet.

  • You can tell how much Mark loves MMA just from that opening paragraph.

    If it was someone else it would have probably been something like:
    “you might remember that UFC guy who broke his leg last month. Well guess what? He’s now playing video games”.

    UFC fight night prelims are on now btw.

  • just a thought, & a bit off-topic, & maybe an unpopular opinion, but would UFC etc. be negatively affected by having a bit of regulation to make it a bit safer for the fighters?

    I mean, what happened to Silva was pretty damn horrific & ideally, that sorta thing shouldnt happen again. just things like fighters must wear headgear, no kicks to the head & no straight kicking (kicks gotta come in from the side) etc.

    I mean, I get it. they’re there to fight each other, and theres always gonna be an inherant risk of injury in any combat sport, but yeah… gotta manage the risk of serious injury a bit better.

    • are you joking…or trolling here??? i hope so, but i’ll bite

      UFC and MMA are already regulated…. .thats the only reason it has been able to hit main stream. As for bringing in rules to stop what happened to silva….. there is no rule to stop a freak accident like that…… what your saying is like changing the rules of boxing to make it so boxers cant break the hand while punching…… its gunna happen.

      The risk management is already there…… there are already enough rules in place…. no vertical elbows, no kicking a downed opponent, no striking the spine of opponents, no small joint manipulation…. and so on and so forth

      we already live in a big enough nanny state…. why make it worse?

      • definitely not trolling or joking.

        sure, accidents are gonna happen regardless of how many precautions you take. but there’ll be fewer of them.

        & yeah, I did read up on the rules before posting, so I know theres already regulations. but seriously… they’re not required to wear headgear? you’re allowed to kick an opponent in the head? what. the. fuck.

        it comes down to the fact that if you’re a UFC fan because the contest between the two fighters, a few extra safety precautions arent gonna stop you liking it. but if you only like it for the violence, then a) you’d obviously be against safety measures & b) what the fuck?

        • boxers done wear headgear, kickboxers dont wear headgear…… heck even football players dont wear headgear and they take as much risk of head contact than a fighter.

          and yeah i am an MMA fan….. and there is a point where more precautions do make the sport less enjoyable….. im not saying they cant or shouldnt be looked at….. but i would hate to see it as a knee jerk reaction to something like this freakish accident….. as i said no regulation would stop what happened to Anderson Silva…… and i dont have any links or proof to back this statement up, however i seen it said on numerous occasions….. but MMA as a sport has less serious injuries than most other sports.

          Heck look at NFL football….. its a legal move to charge a player head to head with your helmet… .again dont have the link but i read the other week the number of young kids playing that sport that go to hospital each week was phenomenal.

          im gunna leave it there as i think we are both on opposite sides of the argument and neither of us are likely to change sides here.

        • Hey it’s 35 — this guy is a good guy! He wouldn’t troll 🙂

          I don’t know about the head gear. To be perfectly honest they get hit in the head a lot less than you think. Headgear might lead to fighters sustaining more long term concussion issues mainly because it would result in less KOs and more fighters getting hit their brain rattled around their skull.

          To be perfectly honest, what happened to Silva was an absolute freak, out of the ordinary thing. I think if you add too many precautions it becomes like a sparring match and it sort of takes the contest aspect out of it. But that’s just me.

          MMA totally isn’t for everyone.

      • Yeah, that kinda injury happens to football players (of all types) pretty regularly.
        It’s just normally not as gross becuase they’ve got socks on.

        MMA looks more dangerous than it really is. The chances of sustaining an injury are really high (cuts, bruises, concission ect), but the chances of sustaining a major injury (major break, spinal injury ect) are pretty lose.

    • its actually already heavily regulated, other wise they would not beable to do any shows in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or Western Europe. All the original UFC matches would be held in japan.

      In japan for example stomping and kicking someone on the ground is fully legal, where as here and North America its illegal. In one UFC match a fighter who used to fighting in japan had a complete brain fart and started stomping his opponent and was immediately disqualified

    • It’s a bit safer than boxing believe it or not. In MMA if a fighter is knocked out, that’s it. Whereas in boxing they have to get back up keep fighting until they cannot get back up again or the coach throws the towel in.

    • There’s been only 2 broken legs out of thousands of kicks throughout the history of the UFC!

      It is an extremely freak occurrence, I don’t think they need to apply any new rules towards kicking in light of this.

  • I was in a pub watching that fight. When the did the slow-mo replay an entire pub packed with guys uniformly went “OH SH!T!!!!!”

  • Is 39 really “extremely old” for MMA? I can see that younger people may have some advantage, but 39 doesn’t seem so bad to me.

  • Atleast it made an anderson silva fight exciting. He has been a complete tosser in his fights for a long time now and the fight he had before he was injured was the funniest knock out ever.

  • I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the upper shin, it was actually the side of weidmans knee.
    Still…very hard to watch. I definitely didn’t expect that to happen when I was watching the fight.

  • After breaking my left tibula and fibula around the same point Silva did over 2 decades ago, my leg still tingles just thinking about it let alone seeing the video and pic. And yes, it’s the most painful injury I’ve ever endured.

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