At Least Call Of Duty’s Commercials Are Still Fun

At Least Call Of Duty’s Commercials Are Still Fun

Say what you will about Call of Duty’s diminishing returns as games, but even those unmoved by perks and tangos can usually enjoy the ridiculously OTT trailers Activision puts together to sell the series.

Take this new one today. It’s for some DLC. A few maps, that sort of stuff.

But they went out and got Stephen Graham, one of my favourite actors on the planet, who is absolutely killing it as Al Capone in Boardwalk Empire. And then spent more on the ad than they probably did on the DLC itself.

Which… now that I’ve typed that out loud is actually a little sad.


  • Once again a great commercial. And they do make some of the best.

    I bought it on XBone as one of my launch titles. Played it for a good couple of hours in an effort to get into the MP but quickly had to go back to BF4 – even in it’s broken state the depth of BF4 just makes CoD, darre I say it, boring.

    • Yeah if I’m by myself its bf4 otherwise I’m split screening ghosts with the wife.

      mind you titanfall is more fun than both cod and bf4 so there may be a 3rd entering the fray.

      • Interesting to hear – we’ve been discussing Titanfall at work and while keen we’re all a little concerned it’s not going to be a good long term time killer. Not to mention the fragmentation caused by the new console which is definitely causing issues with BF4.

        • I was in the alpha trail and the game is very polished but if it doesn’t have a fan base that could make it fail too.

          but just as an example I took my Xbox to two friends houses so they could try it and both said its a must have game….but who knows.

  • Good ad……however until they charge a reasonable amount for their games I will never be playing.

    Steam at the moment has CODMW4 for $50 and COD Ghosts for $90 USD.

    • Sadly, the reason they still charge so much is because people will still pay that much. You or I wouldn’t pay that much for CoD4/MW2, etc, but plenty would.

  • I’ve never actually seen one on TV… speaking of which I think I’ve only seen about two TV ads for them. One was for a new Mario game and the other was Beyond: Two Souls.

    • “…way too old for this ad…”

      It’s pretty spot on as the latest studies (from the last 12 months) indicate that the average age of a gamer is 35.

  • Might just be me but they make it look like COD players are all losers =\ all young men who have no control of their lives

    Basically man childs…

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