Attack On Titan Brings Nightmare Fuel To Subaru Commercial

Attack on Titan Brings Nightmare Fuel to Subaru Commercial

The latest Subaru Forester commercial in Japan features some very unlikely and very large co-stars: "Titans" from hit anime Attack on Titan. Originally a manga, the Attack on Titan anime is incredibly popular in Japan, spawning a photo meme and collectible merchandise as well as several adult movies. And pornography, we know, is always a true sign something is a hit.

Attack on Titan Brings Nightmare Fuel to Subaru Commercial

Japanese morning show Zip! showed an early look at the commercial, complete with green screens and actors in insane amounts of make up. The above actress, for example, needed four hours to complete her special effects make up. The result is rather amazing and unsettling, no?

The full commercial will debut later tonight on Japanese television. As one Kotaku commenter noted, the ad seems to be a good indication of what the live-action flick could look like.

Be sure to check the Forester first-drive impressions from our colleagues at Jalopnik as well as our own Attack on Titan anime and 3DS review.

Update: Here's the full commercial:

実写版「進撃の巨人」CM本日初公開 [Fooraibow Tadano]


    It has always and WILL always annoy the shit outta me the way they show a member of the audience in close-up in a small corner bubble/box. I mean, MOVE ON ALREADY!!!

      But how would you know how to react if not for the reaction people? It'd be like a Western comedy with no laugh track.

      In Japan its usually a member of their "panel", being the cliche bunch of people they have picked out to talk on the show to appeal to all the demographics they can. Usually a couple of idols they have invited. Then they close up on their reaction in the bubble when they are showing them things.

      I don't disagree that it is annoying though.

      Last edited 26/01/14 11:01 am

    At a certain point, it just stops being about the car.

    Japanese people are into some weird shit Yo

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