Attack On Titan Cosplay Is Getting Out Of Control

Some cosplayers really know how to take it to the next level, let me tell ya.

Last year, we had an amazing Japanese cosplay group that went all out with their Attack on Titan cosplay. This year, we've got a German cosplay group that filmed an elaborate cosplay video over the course of four months in an outdoor museum in Germany. It's pretty much what you would want a live action Attack on Titan show to look like, so kudos to Anshie for uploading the video above. You've gotta watch it.

That's not all. There's also this Attack on Titan figure skating cosplay by Spitaalinen, which was filmed in Finland. Yes, that's right. Figure skating!

What will Attack on Titan cosplayers do next? I'm excited to find out!

(Via The Daily Dot)


    Why is no one cosplaying the giants?

      I've seen it done.

        Same -- I'm one of the USS soldiers dancing in this video:

      it's certainly happening:

      I tried once... they still wont let me within 200m of a school.

    Ohh gees there's even an attack on titan porn parody lol looks hilarious

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