Attempted Robbery Of Game Developer Caught On Camera

Attempted Robbery of Game Developer Caught on Camera

Earlier this evening, an attempted robbery occurred at Los Angeles-based game developer Robotoki.

"These two men attempted to rob robotoki tonight, unfortunately for them, I work late," tweeted Robotoki president Robert Bowling. He posted security footage of the incident on Instagram as well as a photo (below) on Twitter.

Attempted Robbery of Game Developer Caught on Camera

In security footage, that's Bowling leaping down the stairs.

Kotaku has reached out to Bowling and will update this post should he comment.

Robotoki is currently working on a post-zombie apocalypse title called Human Element for PC and home consoles.

Update: Bowling told Kotaku, "The LAPD took a report and footage. Detectives take over from here. Luckily surrounding businesses have security footage of the way they ran."

These two men attempted [@fourzerotwo]

I'll post photos of attackers, pls share. [@fourzerotwo]

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    Should probably not have the Mac located in an easy to see location from the street. You'll be less of a target of opportunity if thieves can't see the goods.

      Pretty much. I used to work security. Computers close to windows where prime targets.

    What's this got to do with Japan?

      While Brian is one of the "Japan guys" he's not limited to it.

        But it doesn't even have anything about boobs either.

          So what you're proposing, if I am reading between the lines correctly, is IDENTITY THEFT?

          Who would want to steal his identity, though?

            Perhaps someone is attempting to take them down from the inside!

    Excuse me... OH SHIT RUN!!!

    This should SO go on Failblog!

    He should not have ran down the stairs towards them like that, they could have raped him.

    I don't always enter a building I don't work in after hours but when I do I prefer the cat flap.

    There is something strange about the glass. Whenever iv seen glass break its usually in lager sharper shards. It looks like flimsy stunt glass? Or is there a type of glass window you can get that if someone break will reduce the risk of Injury / getting sued normally used in stores?

      Safety glass shatters into small squares without sharp edges.
      I think it is now illegal to install non safety glass in homes around sydney (well according to the guy who fixed our last broken window).

      It's generally called Safety Glass or perhaps Laminated Glass and has been around for about 100 years.

    Kotaku has "reached out" to Bowling....they are probably hoping he will contact them going forward. They haven't tried to contact him? Are you hoping to have a dialogue with Bowling rather than just plain old ask him some questions?

      Reached out usually means have attempted to made contact via some form or other.

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