Aussie Studio Tantalus Is Looking For Coders For 'AAA Next-Gen' Wii U Game

Since the global financial crisis, games development in Australia has shifted from large studios relying on outsourced work to indie devs focusing on mobile (though this is quickly expanding to include PC, Mac and Linux). As such, it's been a while since "Australia", "AAA" and "next-gen" were in the same sentence together, but the Melbourne-based Tantalus could be looking to change that.

Dromble's Emily Rogers spotted two engine programmer positions a few days ago on Tantalus' website, however the roles have been open since early December. The page states the positions are for a "new AAA Next-Gen title", which the company will begin work on this month.

While the job description doesn't explicitly state the game is for Wii U, it's the only platform, along with the Wii, that's mentioned in the "Desirable" category. It also makes sense — Tantalus has experience working on the platform and with AAA titles, as its "sister" company, Straight Right, was responsible for the Wii U ports of Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Latest Positions [Tantalus Media, via Dromble]


    AAA AND Next Gen

    Probably means is going to suck

    Nice to see that someone is calling the Wii U next-gen! But notice how it says Wii and Wii U, and how this is for Stright Right, who port games. And they've worked for Square Enix before! There's only one possibility- Dragon Quest X localization!

      Isn't Wii u current gen?

        Yeah, if anything I thought the article was going to point out that using "wii-U" and "Next-gen" together is a bit delusional.

    It looks like we won't be getting anymore port from Straight Right anytime soon :(

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