Big W Is Selling A Massive Amount Of Video Game Stuff For $5

Big W has the sale. It's a $5 sale. What that basically means that everything, no matter what it is, is selling at $5. There's a lot of garbage in there, but if you search you might find something useful!

Like Resident Evil 6. Surely that's worth five bucks. Or a Kinect camera mount. You might need one of those!

Anyway, just thought it might be worth the heads up. Be aware there is a lot of crap in there. Some digital sifting will be required!



      They actually put that game out in a box? Mother of God.

      The version they are selling is a full box set, goes for over $50 on ebay.

        Can you post a link? I've looked on ebay, and i can't see what your on about. I've also never even heard of a "full box set" version of Ride To Hell: Retribution.

          The collector's edition. Sorry, I was thinking of Painkiller

            Ah, I see. I got that for my 360, but at 5 bucks it's definitely worth picking up again for PC.

      Finally! Something I can put on the shelf that will make Duke Nukem Forever look better!

    Awesome, might pick up RE6 now that its $5.

    Having picked up RE6 for $8 I still don't think it would have been worth 5...

      I really wanted to like this game. Resident evil 4 inspired so much in games. Shame 5 and 6 suck ass. Oh and I paid $88 at BigW...

    I've learnt that the most expensive games out there are the ones that you buy because they're cheap but never end up playing because you weren't really interested in the game to begin with.

    if you're still selling WAR, you're gonna have a bad time

    Yeah, what's with not stating that the Warhammer Online servers are gone while still selling the game?

      They probably don't even know, the publisher should really send out recall notices in my opinion but they don't and retailers keep selling them without knowing.

    ha ha ha

    The one day I don't have enough money in my Paypal account, sigh :3

    I think they should be paying people $5 to take war off their hands, its not really a game when the servers are shut down

    I got Mensa Training for $5. I feel like this is some how an ironic purchase...

    This sale has been going on since before New Years though? Its all crap.

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