Bikinis Really Aren't Necessary For Volunteer Work

Bikinis Really Aren't Necessary for Volunteer Work

= Nobody asked for the help, but a woman named Zhang Xiner appeared at a Guangzhou Metro station in China dressed in a skimpy bikini. Her goal was to help commuters buy tickets and find their way. Oh, she probably wanted to get famous too. Well, that seems to have worked!

When asked by, one of China's largest sites, about why she decided to "volunteer," Zhang replied, "I want more young people to come out and do volunteer work." When asked if she was doing this just to get famous, she added, "I've always liked being sexy." Other commuters reportedly said she was wearing too little, and the subway staff asked her to end her volunteer work. If anything, January is freezing — get that woman a coat!

Zhang, who's apparently a TV sportscaster, has pulled outrageous stunts like this before, it seems. This time it looks like she invited the Chinese press along with her.

According to, her latest has caused such a stir online in China that the Guangzhou Metro Corporation, which the Chinese government owns, had to come out and say that Zhang was not a subway employee, adding that it has never allowed "volunteer" like this. It also stressed that people's public behaviour should respect society's morals.

Sounds like Zhang should've volunteered to wear more clothes.

广州地铁90后性感志愿者被指炒作 曾在夜店兼职 []

Eric Jou contributed to this report.

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    So that's what thinly veiled communist propaganda looks like.

    Is it just me or do Gawker/ Allure sites spend a lot of time complaining about attractive women dressing the way they want to? Go back to Victorian London, you might see an ankle around these parts!

    Keep in mind that it is winter at the moment in Guangzhou.

    Hasn't she heard? Only gay people are allowed to run around in their underwear! Some brave white knight should save that poor confused woman from herself before she sets women's rights back to the 1950s..

    The article over at the source link makes me uncomfortable. It looks like the sort of transaction I saw a million times in nana plaza in Bangkok.

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