Bill Gates Just Took Over Late Night With Silly Costumes

Bill Gates Just Took Over Late Night With Silly Costumes

It’s seems like Bill Gates is still in shape and his sense of humour is the same as 20 years ago. He was Jimmy Fallon’s guest last night, promoting his website, with the help of this little clip.

Here’s the complete segment:

Did they remove Fallon’s Macbook during Gates’ visit? Don’t worry, it was on his desk throughout the whole interview:

Here’s the follow-up, where Gates talks about how interacting with computers will change in the future.

Bill Gates’ Viral Video: [YouTube]


  • He’s looking a little old. but i really admire the man. Glad to see hes still getting out there and having fun.

    • It’s hard not to respect the guy, who could be sitting at home with loads of money, blackjack and hookers. But he’s out getting amongst it trying to improve the world, and better himself in the process.

      • Except that his way of “helping” the developing world is misguided at best and quite likely more more sinister, he is under the impression that Africa the words largest continent, is over populated and mass sterilizations are the cure.

        This is wrong, the large African countries like Nigeria at 170 million people are not in relative poverty or famine, there is enough fertile land in Africa to support a massive population but Mr. Gates and the rest of his Blindenberg group cronies see otherwise.

  • I like that he thinks handwriting has a future alongside computers & tablets; it’d be terrible to see it disappear, kids in school & uni have a hard enough time learning proper script and practicing long hours of writing… if only to write their exams.

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