Bill Gates Plays Chess With The World's Best, Loses In 71 Seconds

The stunned face of Bill Gates, as he realises he has no chance to win against the Norwegian chess grandmaster, Magnus Carlsen, is priceless in the above video. The two met on a TV show last night, and you don't have to wait a lot for the checkmate.

Skavlan: Magnus Carlsen VS Bill Gates [YouTube]


    Should've set up a standard defensive opening with knights and central two pawns and then attack.

      Shouldn't have played against the best in the world.

        Can't believe Bill Gates lost to the best speed chess player in the world.

        That means Bill Gates isn't the best speed chess player in the world.

    That's probably one of the most impressive things I've watched in a while. I don't think Bill Gates has met too many people in his life that were always two steps ahead of him, let alone 50 like Magnus was.

    Next up. Bill Gates enters NBA Allstar weekend dunk comp. Surprisingly loses.

      Hahahahahaha - pictured Bill Gates in Air Jordan pose... with an 80's headband :P

      Last edited 25/01/14 9:52 pm

    I got to play Ian Rogers - Australian Chess Grandmaster - and it was a crazy experience. He played around 10 of us at the same time, 15 minute games, we set up boards in a circle and he was in the middle. Guy did not stop, barely looked at a board for more than 5 seconds and it was hard enough to decide on a move before he got back to you. I managed to force a stalemate but he wiped out pretty much everyone with ease - I think I was just lucky.

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