Braid Clone Is Illegal, But Also Kinda Cute

Braid Clone Is Illegal, But Also Kinda Cute

Bootleg games are nothing new, but most of the time they're either brazen clones or inept scams. This one falls somewhere in between, and as a result has a strange charm all of its own.

Braid was, despite its platforming roots, a game with a lot to say, and some novel ways to say it. I wonder, then, how people would have reacted if all the time-warp stuff was gone, the game's title was changed to "Breid", and it was pitched like this:

You control our hero "Taem". He is quite excited about get to the top of the tree. You help him to get him to the tree in this journey. Bring down all the enemies and collect them as a point. Do the highest point and try to survive.

The best part is that the games "creator" says he did an internship at Microsoft last year.

Braid creator Jonathan Blow has been Tweeting links to these things earlier today; I say things because there is more than one Braid clone on the Windows store, with other similar titles called Brady's Adventure and Braidy Jump.

Neither are as excited to get to the top of the copyright infringing tree than Breid, though.

Breid [Windows Store]

Braid Clone Is Illegal, But Also Kinda Cute


    Looks like he is using "Construct 2" to make the games. His other game Slenderley also uses the standard artifacts that come with construct 2.

    Jonathan donated a number of Braid sprites etc to the game creator for tutorial use only.

    Also looks like David Hellman who did the artwork released them for public use. Check out his site

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