By 2014 Standards, Ghostbusters Caused Over $23 Million Worth Of Damage

Ghostbusting isn't cheap, y'know. That's according to the calculations by CinemaSins — they take movies like Ghostbusters and tally up the monetary value of the damage featured in the movie.

Naturally, though, the damages would be different in the year the movie was made, so the $US23 million number is what you'd get after adding inflation.

It's a big number, but it somehow isn't as much as you'd think it'd be considering so much of of New York is destroyed, eh?

Ghostbusters - What's The Damage?[CinemaSins]


    I came here to ask just one thing: is that in now dollars or 1980s dollars? And it was answered!
    Though the video itself raises some other questions: a dollar for a beer? The 80s had it good.

      Usually, when prices are lower in a particular market, so too are it's wages.....

    I need to get my carpentry apprenticeship done in the event of apocalyptic events

    Is that from damage seen in the movie? Or after the assumption of what they did?

    Because the Statue of Liberty walked the streets and was leaving footprints in the gravel, but you didn't see it walk the whole distance.

    only 23 mil worth of damage...
    Stallone doubles that on his average Tuesdays

    I reckon the clean up of the New York subway/sewer system from Ghostbusters 2 would potentially be pricier.

    Wouldn't mind seeing the tab that Pacific Rim racked up, but they don't seem to have done that one (or I couldn't find it, at least).

      I think they've only just started making this particular series of videos, so hopefully it's on the short list.

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