Can't Get Enough Jack And Bigby?

Here's the trailer for episode two of Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us. Will Jack get his arse kicked by the big bad in Smoke & Mirrors? Next week is far too long to wait for an answer. Just imagine it in your head until then. (via IGN)


    Sily question, but I just got finished replaying this on PC to be ready for the new ep (It's the only version I've tried that doesn't have slowdowns that mess things up. :P ) and don't remember this Jack fellow at all. Is there something I am missing? I haven't read the source material and probably won't, since I can't really afford a run of comics.

      Jack is indeed a comics character. But given how good the first episode was dolling out the source material to a newbie like yourself, I have no doubt that they'll summaries the key info for Jack in the game itself. He wasn't seen or mentioned in Episode 1 and is making his debut in this upcoming episode.

      But here's the brief version, Jack in Fables is EVERY character named jack in every fairy tale and nursery rhyme ever. Jack Horner (who sat in the corner), Jack and Jill and Jack of beanstalk fame, they're all this one guy named Jack in the world of Fables.

      In the world of Fables he's basically a lovable conman who's generally despised by most of the population, especially Bigby (as you can see in their interaction in the trailer).

      Jack is kind of a big deal as far as Fables characters go as he was popular enough to get a 50 issue spin off series.

      Jack of the Tales, as in Jack and the beanstalk, Jack the Giant Slayer etc. Can't remember if he made an appearance in the first ep or not SINCE IT'S BEEN SO DAMNED LONG SINCE IT WAS RELEASED. In the comics he's always trying get rich quick schemes and generally being a douchebag. The deluxe collected editions cost around $35-$40

    I'm Ready for it!!! and so is Spongebob and Patrick...

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