Celebrate New 1975 The Mighty Marvel Way

Celebrate New '1975 The Mighty Marvel Way

Why use a stuffy, modern 2014 calendar to keep track of the new year when you can travel back in time to groovy 1975? Cartoonist Mark Anderson dusted off this amazing 1975 calendar to give us 12 months of merry Marvel mayhem. Mmm.

Sure, we could celebrate 1997 or 1986 instead, but nothing good ever came of 1997 or 1986. Certainly not Power Man City.

Celebrate New '1975 The Mighty Marvel Way

Or a pair of brawling barbarians celebrating my birth month.

Celebrate New '1975 The Mighty Marvel Way

Anderson has formatted each of the 12 months as super-size desktop wallpaper, perfect for covering with the icons of your victims. Go get 'em!



    That's the actual link to the whole thing, not just to the large version of May's calendar... Seriously, test a link Mike, it's the minimum that you need to do.

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