13-Year-Old Kills Cousin After Xbox Argument

13-Year-Old Kills Cousin After Xbox Argument

Cops in Chicago say a 13-year-old boy killed his 16-year-old cousin on Sunday morning, following a day in which the two had argued “about an Xbox” according to a police report. The younger boy shot his cousin as he slept, according to a police report in this account by the Chicago Tribune, and later admitted to the slaying to police, with his mother present.

“The two boys had been arguing earlier about an Xbox, according to a police report,” the Tribune reported. There are three different models of Xboxes; the oldest one is from 2001, the latest released in November. The one in question here was not specified.

It’s not clear where the boy obtained the firearm, but no adults have been charged. The boy has been charged with first-degree murder, though as a juvenile.

Police: Boy, 13, kills cousin, 16, over Xbox [Chicago Tribune]


  • Xbox here is slang for a womans privates :B

    and how come when I think of an “Xbox argument” my mind goes towards wondering which console can be refered to as “1”.

    • They all can. Xbox can be referred to a 1 by virtue of being the first. Xbox 360 as 360 degrees is 1 full rotation and Xbox One because for some reason Microsoft seems to really like the number 1. Eagerly anticipating the clearly inevitable Windows One.

    • Do not question how a 13 year old managed to get a gun. That has nothing to do with murder!

      • Exactly, I want to hear about the family and living conditions. When I was 13 my mum had only just started trusting me with the sharp knives. Why in the world is a gun so readily available for a 13 year old to get their hands on?!

      • The xbox and violent video games forced him to kill, Microsoft put the gun in his hands and video games loaded the magazine with 9mm hollow point bullets of violence

      • It was obviously xbox 360, firmware update 1.109.

        The most controversial of xbox versions.

        AKA no, no it doesn’t matter, they’re just fighting over something.

  • “but no adults have been charged.” Why? Unless the teenager purchased it themselves (scary if true), an adult clearly needs to get the ultimate slap on the wrists, face and pinky fingers for being a dunce of the week.

    • Even if the teenager purchased it themselves the adult who sold it should be charged. Heck, even if the gun was being stored in an unsecure easy to steal from place someone should probably be charged for some kind of neglect… This disgusts me.

      Now I’m just waiting for the stream of Fox news broadcasts blaming video games for this tragedy.

    • Gun might be unregistered. They cant definitively pinpoin the responsible owner probably.

  • Well, the 16 year old cousin clearly should have had his own firearm while he slept. Then he could have defended himself… (Hint: There are people in the world that actually think like this.)

    • The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, apparently. It’s very scary that there are so many people who believe that…

      • The crazy part of people saying that is that in that naval yard shooting last year, the guards that had guns were the first to die. They didn’t even have chance to draw their weapons.

  • Key words here “13 year old” & “shot”. HOW THE HELL DID HE GET THE GUN IN THE FIRST PLACE? Oh, lack of gun control, whether that being from the government or the parents.

    • Nah, if it wasn’t for video games; he wouldn’t have shot him obviously. Proper gun storage isn’t the issue here 😛

  • Focus is incorrect here, it’s not the gun nor the game, it’s the mentality of the child.

    I read the story and felt that this child had calmed down, his older cousin has gone to sleep and this kid calmly obtained the gun, loaded the gun, walked over to the bedroom and stared for a moment, then shot him.

    That’s cold blooded murder and a psychopath.

    If this was murder during the altercation, then it means the person has some aspect of humanity but couldn’t control that darker urge and goes too far with violence.

    It sent chills down my spine imagining what this kid would be doing, like some psychotic murderer without emotions, he probably could murder his family members and sit there watching them bleed out while brushing his Chucky doll…

    God I shouldn’t have read this at 11 PM, I can’t sleep now…

    Who knows, gun or not, he could have grabbed a knife and jab it at his throat as well O.O

  • Agreed. It is disturbing (not to mention tragic) that a 13 year old kid can, after an argument has finished, grab a gun (or potentially any sort of weapon) and kill another person over said argument. very disturbing indeed.

  • You have to wonder how the kid was raised when he even has the urge to commit cold blooded murder AFTER the fact.

    Is it even a parent issue or was this kid just one of those rare psychopaths that happens every now and again?

    Like Danger Mouse said, the gun issue is pertinent too, but far less so. If this kid is a true psychopath, he would have killed his cousing with something else. Hell, he might have crushed his head with the Xbox if that’s all he had access to.

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