Classic Tomb Raider, But In First Person

Classic Tomb Raider, But In First Person
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Would that first Tomb Raider game still have been as fun if you couldn’t have seen Lara Croft’s famous figure? After watching this retro-styled fan film, all signs point to yes.

“First-Person Tomb Raider” comes to you from Filipe Costa, the same guy who did a first-person Pokémon video a few months back. His re-working of the PS1-era Lara Croft put you right in her boots, and literally turns the world upside-down when the heroine does her iconic flip-jump. Watching this makes you wonder how different Lara’s gameography would have been if the Tomb Raider games had started off as a first-person game.


  • I think it probably wouldn’t have really worked if the series started off as a first person looting game given the limitations in technology at the time. But if they were to do yet another reboot though, and paired with an occulus rift…

    And if the video was anything to go by, you still get plenty of views of Lara’s famous figure 😉

  • The first game is an absolute gem. Both beautiful and subtle on so many layers. A true work of art and an excellent soundtrack, it shouldn’t be fucked with. Oh, this isn’t the first game. Good.

    Also, would it not be possible to mod out the PC version of the most recent T.R. to be first person, ala GTA IV?

    • Yeah, I was gonna say – that’s definitely not the first Tomb Raider. And I agree – the first entry in the series is a masterpiece. Personally, I find the controls pretty much perfect, and the atmosphere is second to none. The music is phenomenal too – I listened to the Redbook audio from my Saturn copy over and over as a teen 🙂

  • I’m not sure how well that climbing scene at the start would have worked if you didn’t already know where you were going. A lot of the cues you’d see from third person perspective weren’t visible, leaving you staring directly at a wall.

    • Well most FPS does that anyway. Staring at wall and stairs while climbing. Not everyone can climb stairs like Marius in Ryse

  • Perhaps it is just the video then. The camera movements didn’t really strike me as someone trying to get a feel for their surroundings in an FPS (as you’d need for that kind of traversal).

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