Community Review: Super Mario 3D World

We're a bit late to this, but when you consider the dearth of new releases maybe it's worthwhile taking a look back at one of the biggest releases of 2013, Super Mario 3D World.

I've already written a fair amount about the game, and complained that it's a little conservative for my tastes, but what did you think?

I didn't dislike the game, I think it's pretty difficult for Nintendo to make a bad Mario game at this point, but I was definitely disappointed.

What did you think?


    After growing up with Sega home consoles instead of Nintendo, I never really "got" Mario. I bought 3D World because I thought it would change that and my eyes would be opened.

    I returned it several days later.

    Enough said? Haha

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      I'm the same, but I continue to buy Nintendo Consoles anyways, haha. Though I used to play the NES a lot. Growing up, the kid across the road had one, so we'd swap consoles all the time. The only recent Mario games to have grabbed me were Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros on the DS. Tried Super Mario Land 3D on the 3DS and hated the awkward perspective, so I doubt SMW3D will be my cup of tea. The Mario Kart games are the exception, as are the legacy Mario titles. In regards to the Wii U, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze has my attention. That and I'm absolutely HANGING for 'The 90's Arcade Racer!

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        Yeah I'm not a huge nintendo person but I'll buy anything Zelda, an old flame, and almost anything metroid, a new flame, and perhaps hoping to become a smash Bros fan soon. And as far as second party games go I'll eat up anything pokemon.

        My Nintendo experience is almost entirely handheld, but I absolutely love handheld gaming. I was hoping 3D world would draw me into the Nintendo home console world as much I'm in with Sony Microsoft and PC, but I guess new Zelda and smash will decide that. My wiiu is gathering dust haha.

          I'm exactly the same haha! I was a SEGA fanboy right till the end, and when the Dreamcast carked it, was actually going to plump for the Gamecube. Then SEGA announced Shenmue 2, JSFR, Gun Valkyrie, SEGA GT and Panzer Dragoon Orta for the original Xbox, so I ended up going with that. I was going to pick up a Xbox One, but decided against it and went with the Wii U. It's odd - all this news about it failing drew me to it like a magnet... I must have this weird thing with fledging consoles. That, and not every game on the Wii U is shooter. I didn't come around to the Zelda series till Twilight Princess, but I love it now. Nintendo grabbed me from the GBA onwards - mostly because I need anything CastleVania, and the GBA and the DS had a heap of them Think I'm gonna pick up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate next. Loved it on the Wii, and the demo is great on the Wii U. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze looks awesome too, and Smash Bros I'm absolutely hanging for... Melee had me at hello :)

    Fantastic game but seems like something churned out of some sort of Mario Making Machine rather than a craftily designed game with unique elements that we have come to expect in 3D Mario games.

    Super Mario 3D World is, in my eyes, the glorious lovechild of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario 64, For me at least, it ticks all the boxes.

    Before this, the last 3D Mario game I enjoyed was Super Mario Sunshine. Unlike most, I never really 'got' Galaxy. Sure, it was pretty; but I found the planet/gravity game mechanic disorienting.

    My main criticism of the game is that it's too short. I reached the final castle of the 'main' worlds in my first day of playing. This is with the help/hindrance of playing co-op with my two children (ages 4 and 7).

    Sure, the game is a little short; and there's an unbalanced abundance of Cat Suit power-ups; 3D World is gorgeous, fun, clever, and a return to form for Nintendo.

    Here's hoping they make a bigger and better sequel before the next console generation begins.

    Kind have to agree with everyone here. While it is a solid game, a lot was lacking. Don't get me wrong it is the best platformer I have played in a long time, but I didn't want another platformer. I want a fully 3D Mario of the Mario 64 and Sunshine/Galaxy games. I defend Ninty a lot because their games are second to none. One good Nintendo exclusive is better then two from Sony or Microsoft.

    Nintendo is at a tipping point with the Wii U. While it has a future with the billions the company has in the bank, it can't be producing sub par games. The GameCube is the prime example. Nintendo need to focus on creating another GameCube. While it won't be the best selling console, create some amazing 1p games that will seal the console as a classic that we remember as having the best Nintendo games.

    This year looks good with the games coming out, but time to drag out some 1p's we haven't seen in a few years. Like Star Fox, F-Zero, and a solid Zelda HD one that will make OoT take second place.

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    Played through a few more worlds this weekend. There's heaps of interesting new mechanics that, while not quite as crazy as in Galaxy, are always fun. Mark complained the other day that it was grass world, snow world, desert world, etc, but I'm finding that the actual levels are usually independent of the overworld theme.

    So I'm enjoying it, and also really enjoyed the bit of time I spent in multiplayer with my competent brother.

    My biggest complaint is that this game has broken miiverse. Previous Mario games had people sharing advice on how to find stars. This one is all about dumb images created with stamps.

    I really like it, but I don't think I'll ever get to the coveted 100% completion. And that's saying something - Galaxy 1 & 2 have 100% completions, and 3d World likely won't.
    It doesn't have that mad creativity that the Galaxies did. I mean, it's clever, and well designed, and pretty; it's got everything Mario games should have - but what it doesn't have is a "hook". Something unique to the game which the overall theme rotates around and focuses the gameplay beyond the normal run and jump. Gravity couldn't have been 2d, neither could Sunshine - and that distinguishes them. 3d World doesn't have anything which couldn't have been achieved in a 2d perspective, and that's what makes Mario games special.
    3d World is good, but it's not special.

    I just purchased a Wii U from Target for $299 for this game, so I'm expecting big things .... Neither have arrived in my home yet. (I also bought Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 from OzGameShop).

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