Conan O'Brien Makes Fun Of People Who Hate Spoilers

Conan O'Brien Makes Fun Of People Who Hate Spoilers

His imitation of the "spoilerphobe" is probably the best part of this video. But I have to admit, I'm probably a less exaggerated version of the kind of person Conan and Homeland actor Damian Lewis are talking about here.

I hate being forced to race to watch or play something just to avoid getting spoiled on it by an overly excited fan on the internet. But as one of its denizens, I have to accept my lot in life and know what places and conversations to avoid.

They still kind of have a point, too. You can't expect years to go by and still be able to call "spoilers!" out rationally. There's a certain acceptable timeframe in which spoilers are unfair, even if we all probably haven't agreed on one yet. And not everything constitutes a spoiler, though as a writer on the Internet I've learned to be very, very careful about labelling spoilers. One man's concept art is another man's hell.


    Does anyone actually like spoilers?

    What about for say, like, a game... that has been out for years, but then has a remake. Would spoiling it for someone who has not played the original be okay, or a no-no?

    With a movie, I wait around a month after it opens. With a tv show? 3 - 4 days after it airs on television here before I talk about it openly. I feel that's a fair amount of time for anyone to see it. After that, it's their own fault.

      The worst ones are on gaming forums/sites (spoilerphobes I guess we're calling them). You're on the internet, actively clicking on a thread/article as opposed to a review about a game you have yet to play, what were you expecting? -_-

        ...."what were you expecting?"

        ...A chance to complain....?

      I managed an entire month without having Breaking Bads final season ending spoiled. Basically had to avoid the internet the day after each episode aired.
      I hate internet spoilers, but I just plan ahead to avoid them..

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    Not all spoilers come from gaming/TV forums and reddit posts. You can just be browsing your Facebook feed and BAM! some jerk you were friends with in high school spoils the ending to Breaking Bad. Or if you're into something like Game of Thrones, people will post book spoilers on completely unrelated videos. When the next book comes out I'm going to have to avoid any sort of human interaction until I finish it.

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