Damn, This Star Wars LEGO Trailer Is Really Good

Yes, it's for an iOS game. A toy commercial thinly veiled as a top-down shooter. But just look at this trailer. It's amazing.

The Dewback cops. The busted-up Falcon. The Harrison Ford/American Graffiti gag. It's drowning me up to my eyeballs in charm.

The game's out tomorrow, but who cares. Let's just watch this clip over and over and over.

UPDATE: Ah, seems this clip is for the toys, not the game the toys are featuring in. Still, the basic advice still holds: screw the game, enjoy the video!


    The toys are now available from big w.

    Of course Han was going to win, that ship did the Kessel Run in "less than twelve parsecs"!

      A parsec is a measure of distance. Basically, Han was claiming that he cut corners on the trip (skimming closer to black holes than is considered safe), rather than going really fast. it's one of a few 'mistakes' in the original trilogy.

        You do realise that the parsec definition was one of very many retcons that Lucasfilm threw in to paper over the sloppy writing.

        Giving away some of my Star Wars geekiness here, but here you go....

        According to hyperspace theory in the expanded Star Wars universe, the ability to stay in hyperspace is affected by passing close to the gravity wells of celestial bodies (such as planets, stars, black holes, etc.). However, the faster the ship, the less effect said gravity wells have in being able to pull you out of hyperspace.

        So, a slower ship has to take a more circuitous route in order to not be pulled out of hyperspace part way along their journey. Conversely, a faster ship can take a more direct route as it is less likely to be pulled out of hyperspace.

        In the case of the Kessel run, the regular distance through the Maw (which is a cluster of black holes) was about 18 parsecs long. However, due to the speed of the Millenium Falcon, Han was able to take a more direct route through (less than 12 parsecs long) as he could do it without being pulled out of hyperspace, which would have occurred with a slower ship. So, what Han said was correct in the end.

        Having said that, George Lucas did initially stuff up the use of the word parsec in the movie. It’s only in the expanded Star Wars universe (i.e. the books) that it gets cleared up and ends up making sense.

    How is this not a normal non mobile game if they did this right would be awesome fun

    Downloaded the iOS game today (99cents or something). First two levels at least are boring as batshit, just another terrible top-down shooter. Immediately became annoying that you need to press the screen to keep shooting which is just bloody annoying for a mobile game, since your finger will probably block the screen half the time when moving...

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