Dark Souls Is $7.50 On Xbox Live. Here's Your Chance To Hate Life.

Are you having too much fun in life? Are things just a little too easy? Do you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and a song in your heart? Well, boy, do I have the deal for you. Dark Souls is currently on sale for $7.48 and if you're in the market for some pain, inadequacy and self loathing... look no further!

It's really strange but there are a lot of people playing through Dark Souls right now. I think it's because the sequel is pretty close, but it's almost like an epidemic. This sale is probably going to push this thing viral.

I'm currently replaying the game alongside Kotaku tech dude Ben White and we're 'having a blast'. I quit roughly 40% of the way through the game during my last run and I'm determined to push through this time.



    I started up a new character a day or two ago. Him named Gurpgork.

    Gurpgork already am rang bells. Kills annoying gargoyles with help of Sunbro. Then kill spider boob lady while sick from Blighttown waters. Gurpgork then kill Capra Demon so he get Large Ember from The Depths. Gurpgork want bigger axe. Now he am have.

    Really, I just like the name Gurpgork, which is the main reason I expect that I'll finish this playthrough.

    Ohhhh why did you tell us, now I'm so tempted to get it for first time

      Go for it, its hard as all hell but rewarding. Just killing some of the earlier bosses takes more skill that many full games require

        Very tempting just not sure how much time I could put into it at the moment with 8month old son ohhhh how my gaming days have changed lol I finished heart of the swarm the other day so that was a nice achievement :p

    I was 2 minutes away from buying it on ozgameshop last week. This has sold me. Awesome.

    But ... I've avoided playing the game for so long.


    But, I've owned it on PS3 for 2 years.

    Although, I would like to see the reactions from people who obviously have no interest in this type of game trying it now, thinking they can jump into the bandwagon hype.

    Can you imagine some Call of Duty Dudebro playing this?

      seriously, it upsets me the gaming community is filled with people like you. sitting up there on your high-horse looking down on everyone else.

        I'm not looking down at other people, I'm saying people who have no interest in gaming or even this game couldn't enjoy Dark Souls or put time into it.

        Last edited 22/01/14 7:27 pm

    Also The Witcher 2 is $16.98 for Gold Members.

      A better game too, I believe.

      *winces in anticipation of flying excrement*

    I played that damn game for about 30 hours and still could not get passed the spider queen. After about 10 attempts I try to climb my way back out so I could grind a few more levels but to no avail. It has sat unfinished on my shelf ever since.

    I really enjoyed the bits I was able to get through and almost ashamed that I couldn't get further.

      Throw down a few white signs to practise or pick up a few white signs. Getting two players will most likely result in one guy having higher fire resistance.

      Last edited 22/01/14 12:20 pm

        Thanks - haven't tried it with help - and have no idea what my fire resistance is - so I'm sure it's terrible.

          I don't think I even got close to her. I sat back and took a shot of bottled light every now and then while the other two just ganked her horribly.

      bow and arrow... or was it a fire arrow?

      Anyway, just keep shooting at her face. It stuns her and she can only move slowly towards you... don't run out of arrows...

        Might try this one too - I'm set up for sword and shield and my main magic is fire based - stupidly never thought to try and kite her a little with a bow.

      Dark Souls isn't just about perserverence. Experiment with equipment. Make sure in this case you have really high fire resistance, and that your weaponry is not fire-based.

      If all else fails, seek jolly co-operation.

      Also, you can summon Mildred the Maneater to help. Look her up in the Dark Souls wiki. She'll be some help.

      Last edited 22/01/14 2:10 pm

        Thanks - Fire resistance and some help seems to be the consensus. May have to jump back in while I'm still going through the 360 pile of shame.

    I'm putting my douche bag hat on to say this but eh, you only live once: I really didn't think Dark Souls was very hard. It had it's moments but it's more cheap than hard.

      I've never really found Dark Souls cheap. It's a game that requires a different mindset than most adventure games. You just need to take your time, be patient and wait for the right moment to do whatever needs to be done.

        Oh, I really enjoyed that aspect of the game, having to pay attention and how any enemy can end you if don't pay attention. More games need to be like that. I like to play games on the hardest difficulty possible so usually I play games that require attention. Halo on Legendary is much more fun when you've got to have your wits about you.

        So I suppose that Dark Souls felt like most games on the nightmare/hard difficulty. But I didn't see it as this super soul destroying impossible game that people made it out to be.

          Well, considering how games are treating some "gamers" with all their hand holding, to them Dark Souls is a super soul destroying impossible game.

            If you're a softened gamer that's been corralled into picking normal mode aka Disney theme park ride just sit back and relax and you'll reach the end without having to try mode, Dark Souls probably made you A: feel like your soul was destroyed, or B: made you feel alive again.

      It's not cheap, but it's not really hard either. It just requires you to pay attention.

      Not hard, challenging. I managed to beat the first 10 bosses in Demon Souls on my first life.

    I already 1000G'd this game, but I'm considering logging back on for some jolly co-operation until Dark Souls 2 comes out.

    Yep bought...just because I don't have enough to play at the moment...

    go clock last ninja on commodore 64 then tell me how hard dark souls is

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