DayZ Bandits Cruelly Force Victims To Sing Their National Anthem

We've seen numerous examples of bandit brutality in DayZ, but this concept really surpasses everything. If you get caught by this group of YouTubers, you have to choose between singing your country's national anthem or being shot. It's pretty simple.

The singing starts around the 0:45 mark. Even though these guys play it nice and reward their victims, one thing's for sure: this game is not for shy people.

Day Z Adventures - Episode 1: Making people sing [YouTube]


    This kind of things almost never happen, most of the time people are just camping the spawn areas and killing fresh spawns, people just kill on site.

      What site?

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    Don't you mean how a group of people RP bandits making their captives sing?

    Because you know... It's a game.
    If you have just started in DayZ, you aren't likely to have a decent weapon and therefor no incentive to participate in such an activity.
    If you have played for a while, then you are likely to have a decent weapon and therefor you have a good chance to take a couple of the bandits out before you die.

    Well at least that guy learnt not to use a torch next time and to boost his gamma.

    waiting for the game police to get a hold of this...

    So I have never played DayZ before, but it sounds like a lot of fun. But wait just one darned second. Pretty much all DayZ videos I have seen out there are of in-game cultists, bandits and other messing around with people telling them what they can and can't do.
    Maybe I am missing something here, but if someone decided to do ask that of me I'd probably shoot them in the legs or something. How about you DANCE for me?! lol

      These kind of people only really pick on un-armed players.

      I had a couple of guys attempt a capture of me, for what reason I don't know as I had nothing, but they were determined to lead me away and hand cuff me. I complied as I had never been on the receiving end before. They didn't seem to really have a plan as they never asked for anything, it went on long enough for my mates to come down from the hills and ambush them.

    so are there actually any zombies in the game??? or is it just full of assholes.

      Zombies are in the game. But when it comes to encountering other players, you can't trust anyone.
      They'd rather kill for you for a can opener then be your friend.

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