DayZ Or Rust: Which Players Are Friendlier?

Two games. Both about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. One lets you force-feed people disinfectant. The other lets you run around naked and bash people with rocks. I had to know - which has friendlier players?

Note: If you're confused, Rust is the game with naked people, but you have to turn off the "censor nudity" setting, which I did not do for the video. Sorry to disappoint.

Take a look at the video above to see the answers for yourself (and a cameo by Leo!). Be warned, there may be no nudity, but there's a fair amount of NSFW language.

I've seen so many weird clips of DayZ, that when I went to explore Rust, I immediately saw the similarities. The two games are very mechanically different, but the basic concepts are fairly similar. You wake up in an inhospitable world with not even the barest of necessities. In DayZ, you have to scavenge cities for supplies. In Rust, you're looking for raw materials to craft supplies and shelter, similar to Minecraft.

I spent about two hours in Rust and three in DayZ. Keep that in mind when you watch the video and see how many people I meet in each. That's probably the biggest difference going to Rust from DayZ. Even in a full server, DayZ is lonely. Maybe that's why people were willing to chat?

For those of you who can't watch the video (save it and watch later!), here's what I learned from each game:

What I Learned From DayZ Players:

  • Bandits camp the shoreline, so head inland as soon as you can.
  • It's more badass. It looks badass, it feels badass
  • Learn the map and loot spots
  • It's in Alpha, there's not much to it
  • Hold Alt to look around while running
  • Don't run on the roads. Be a creeper
  • If you have a second monitor, keep a map open on there

What I Learned From Rust Players:

  • When you disconnect, your character just lays down on the server, so make sure you have a secure house or a safe hiding spot.
  • Don't trust anyone
  • Don't hang out with Jollux
  • Don't trust anyone
  • I'm gay
  • Be a hermit, build a remote cabin with lots of storage
  • You can build shit
  • Don't trust anybody

One bonus tip from Tycho on Penny Arcade:

I have the thing you need to take your Rust experience to the next level. When you load into a server, the first thing you should do is to bring up the console with F1, and enter:

censor.nudity false

This will make people without clothing equipped appear completely naked.

So there's that if you need it. I wasn't aware of that until after I made the video, so I'm sorry if I disappointed anyone with the gratuitous pants.


    Seriously, I'm glad you wrote this. I ended up grabbing DayZ last night (after almost choosing RUST instead).

    For me, from what I could gather, I would not be able to relax in Rust like I could in DayZ. In DayZ, the map is so massive, you can hide in the woods or even in an abandoned house, and be relatively safe. Meanwhile, in Rust, building your own house only seems to point a giant target on your character while your logged off.

      I have gotten much farther in Rust than DayZ. Mind you I have died more than once each time I tried to get a foothold. There are a number of ways to make it, but here is one plan. From memory, so if I get any details wrong, figure it out.

      Navigating: Everything apart from random trees spawns around the one loop road. Rocks, woodpiles, animals. If you imagine the ocean to be south, there is a great big mountain range at the north end of the map. It is shaped a bit like a T, with an range extending south towards the middle of the road/spawn area. Use this to guide you initially in to the dangerzone to grab resources, then back out. Avoid wandering down the road, you will get killed.

      Step 1: 5 Rocks + 10 Wood = Hatchet.
      Step 2: Wood. Hit some woodpiles if you can or trees at a pinch. Grab as much as you can without getting killed out in the open. If you get a chance to grab a bunch of woodpiles safely, do it.
      Step 3. You should also be looking for a pig. Chase the pig running, run on top of it basically it and stop running, Hit a few times. Repeat until dead. Hit again until you have (among other things) chicken breasts. Obviously bacon has not been created yet! If you can get 2 or 3 pigs, super. If you get enough cloth you can craft some clothes, which will stop you freezing.
      Step 4: GFTO of there. You want to get out from the road, past fields where things spawn, then past some empty fields and find a mountain. You want it to be somewhere people are unlikely to go. Know where you are. Find the North Range and/or the south sea. Knowing what part of the road you left and in what direction to get there is important.
      Step 5: Find a spot on the opposite side. Maybe a hard to reach part through the maze of rocks, or in a dip. You want to be able to see as short a distance as possible from where you are standing and have flat ground under you. I had a dip behind some rocks in the NW that could completely hide a 3x3 1 story building unless you were on top of it. When you leave, make sure you know how to get back. Don't expect to be able to do this at night!
      Step 5: Build as much of a building as you can with the wood you have. If you cant finish it, at least try to build walls to mask the fire, which you should place inside.
      Step 6: At this stage you might be starving and need to cook something. Hold E on the fire (**not press, but HOLD. this got me at first.**) to open it and drop in the chicken. Eat, feel comfort, etc.
      Step 7: You want to stay near your shelter and mash trees to complete at least the one square. Give it a door and a roof, etc. A box in there could also be useful. Hide any cool stuff in the box.
      Step 8: You need to now do runs on the edges of the spawning resources. You can build a workbench, furnace, start making gunpowder, metal and make an axe. Also make a gun. Put a sleeping bag in your 1x1.
      Step 9: Expand the defences. They cant break the roof, so you can just stay in the 1x1 and build inaccessible rooms around you, so there are maximum walls to break down. Try to put metal doors or walls between you and the outside in all directions. Stay hidden, though.

      Once you have a hideout, you can build some spares of things for when you die. Extra gun, extra axe, that kind of thing. Only take what ammo and food you need, and so on. Expect to die. When you get sick of walking all that way, you can build some simple shelters and hide them closer. Stick a box in it and use it to collect a bunch of stuff before getting it back. Try to minimise your risk of losses via raid or death by doing this intelligently. You will die, its not that big a deal except for the stuff you lose. If you can run back to a temporary hut or your home base and grab some clothes, axe, gun then death is only a minor setback.

      Also, trust nobody.

      Personally. I prefer the risk in that and the adrenaline it gives you. Rust is a hardcore game for the fearless gamer (not those whiny kids begging the dev for nerfs and easier upgrades), it's hard, its tough, it's cruel. But it is a fair teacher. If you build a good enough base, hidden from public view, you should survive 2 days. If you raid the people around you and make sure your base keeps hidden, you should survive 3 days. If you build a giant base in the middle of a loot zone, just like you can in dayz epoch (and with similar results) you will not survive even one day. If you keep a clan going and build a complete, but compact and well hidden base on the outskirts on the map (but not too far so that the walk makes you want to commit suicide with a stool) can survive indefinitely, as long as it isn't revealed. There will always be someone above you and below you in rust. Hide from the ones above you, and destroy the ones below you so you can advance above the ones above you.

      Is DayZ that epic?

    I have always found DayZ to be super relaxing. I treat it as a hiking simulator once I have enough loot to survive. When I do get shot at though, I jump and panic pretty badly.

      "hiking simulator"
      perfect description.
      And also in a legitimately enjoyable way, i think im getting old.

      Also, i find the survival against the environment way too easy in rust. I only ever get killed by people as soon as they see me, never had a conversation in that game. Day Z i've had crazy adventures in my magical bus, playing the Venga boys through proximity chat and leading a herd of zombies through cherno.

      Come on alpha, bring back ze vehicles.

      Last edited 16/01/14 3:40 pm

    DayZ is far more paranoia inducing, and Rust feels a bit more relaxed. I find players to be dicks on both, but in all honesty, I've found Rust players to be worse. At least in DayZ, people are scared, they're twitchy they're less inclined to take direct action against you unless they're better armed, or they have the drop on you - but in Rust, people will just bash your brains in with a rock or a hatchet because they can.

    At least in DayZ you can hide. Buildings, landscape abound. Rust, you're far more exposed.

    What I've found with rust is find a spot near a radiation area, preferably a village, make your base somewhat near it's location.
    Ditch all your stuff at your camp, run into the village, raid it, escape(alive hopefully), go back to camp and store everything. Then repeat again.

    I've got a base near the road plus a radiation village and I've been off for over a day and it's still in tack, though whoever gets through will love the loot.

    Added suggestion for getting further in both games - bring a friend or two ;)

    Cant wait until the Dayz Epoch base building gets added to standalone, however thats over a year away...

    Both of these games are in alpha testing though (though in reality, these are beta games, alpha wouldn't resemble a playable game at all). I don't like playing these unfinished games, with the promise or excuse that it's alpha and it will be all fixed up for launch.

    At the same time, I feel like I'm missing out here, like when it finally launches, no-one will be playing anymore because they'd just be over it.

    I wish they'd just spend the time to make a proper game to begin with and release that, instead of doing this public alpha bullshit.

    Rust players are mostly pricks. I haven't played DayZ so can't compare, but if you're new to Rust, good luck.

    I really liked this. You should do ingame interviews more often.

    I played both games and found DayZ to be far superior in terms of community. I only encountered a couple people, all of whom had the common courtesy not to bash my skull in with whatever they happened to possess. Perhaps it was because I only met a few, or they were busy. In Rust however, you learn fast that a human is much more dangerous than any animal, irradiated or otherwise. Oh yeah, and the DayZ zombies are goofier than the ones that were in Rust. They have such funny sounds.

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