DayZ Sold One Million Copies In Four Weeks

Well that didn't take very long.

Dean Hall, the New Zealand born creator of DayZ, has just announced that the standalone version of DayZ has sold over one million copies after four weeks on Steam. Pretty incredible numbers.

I don't actually play DayZ, but still somehow find myself being compelled by the stories. By the videos posted on YouTube, by the conversations. DayZ is such an interesting thing. I'm glad something like this can not only exist, but be successful.


    So much for the death of PC gaming indeed. The incredible thing is that this is still in Alpha as well

      Yeah but if it was on consoles it'd have sold eleventy squillion copies in a picosecond. If it wasn't for all those damned pirates of course...

      Chances are that a lot of people did what I did, realised that its something I'd eventually get and that it's only going to get more expensive as it gets closer to release

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        I didn't know they were doing the Mount & Blade model - whereby the price increases over time - do you know that for certain?

          It's on Early Access, and typically this is what happens with most games on Early Access.
          Not saying that's what's going to happen for sure, but it's a pattern we've come to expect.

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          Yes. Rocket has said as it enters beta the price will definitely increase. 30 is an entry level price.

          I'd heard second hand information to that effect but it claimed its what hall said. It made sense given thats how BIS went with ARMA3 anyway

    I got day z to axe people in the face. The role was reversed but luckly he helped bandage me. Then he axed me again......
    shy has my comment taken 4 hours to moderate? Is the moderator blind?

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    I'm not surprised it sold so well, all the videos make it look like a troll/griefing simulator, and this is the internet.

    there is already a game mode in arma 3 that actually works. and doesnt annoy you. its called wasteland!

      I enjoy wasteland too but there is just something about DayZ that makes it special.

    Everyone I know dropped it for Rust though. I wonder what the stats on that are?

      Day-Z peak today is 45,398
      Rust peak today is 34,794

      But as of this post there are more users currently playing Rust 20,205 vs Day-Z 15,283. Both games seem to be doing well. Rust has definitely gotten into that Day-Z crowd.

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