DayZ Summed Up Perfectly

DayZ Summed Up Perfectly

This is the truth about DayZ. No matter how good your gear is, how careful you are, death will find you wherever you are. And it will strike unexpectedly.

And if you survived day 4 somehow, day 5 would be the following:

"Met Friendlies - You are dead"

Typical lifespan in dayZ [Steam Community]


    Not quite. These days its more like:

    "You are dead. Forced to wiggle. Didn't wiggle sufficiently. Shot in face by Assholes."

    Would this game translate well to the console crowd or are they to sensitive to be dying all the time especially after a multitude of games that nurse you through levels.

    would the shock of loosing your character and having to start again be too much?

      As someone with a full time job, I prefer games I can play for an hour or two and then put down.

      I don't have the time after a hard day to restart a game, doing the same things over and over and over.

        Yeah, grinding isn't conducive to employment, which is why its taken me 10x as long maxing out my Payday 2 character, compared to Payday 1, when I had 8 weeks holiday. Which is why I never indulge in any game's prestige mode. Simply don't have the time to grind for months and months to get back to where I was.

        Add a wife and 4 kids and time becomes very precious. Same reason I don't touch what will I do when destiny is out :/

      *too sensitive
      If you're going to insult the console crowd, at least get your head out of your behind long enough to do it right. Maybe that's why your characters die: you can't see the screen through all that large intestine?

        Clearly its you that's got your head up your arse. I don't PC game I'm a pure console gamer I also organize console LANs in WA, a lot of console gamers I know including myself wouldn't handle a game off this type with frequent deaths....i too have been spoilt with frequent auto save points and no consequences to dying.

        As much as I want this game on consoles I don't think it will be popular with the console crowd.

          My mistake, you did make all of that abundantly obvious in your original comment. How foolish of me not to see it.

            Yeah my bad....i shouldn't rush comments at work, I would have taken it the same way as you did. I did try to have a serious point in there.......and calling someone one sensitive, well that's fighting words.

            Last edited 31/01/14 5:45 pm

      I seem to recall Demon Souls being pretty popular and that was PS3 only wasn't it?

      I think, if supplied to console gamers, the sale of TVs and game pads would skyrocket due to rage & frustration of being shot in the face for the 50th time in 2 minutes.

        So that means all the sadists making other players do stupid shit at gunpoint are the 'elite' PC gamer?

        Yeah it would have to be a discounted arcade frustrating to be a full price title imo

        also it would compensate for all the broken controllers lol

      I doubt it... 9 out of 10 of my online console experiences featured a number of pre-pubescent voices which only annoyed me... Finding those voices again in DayZ saying they're friendly would only make me want to instinctively shoot them. Although shooting them would actually make them go away & would be rather satisfactory, heh.

      Regardless - Rocket has already stated that there are no plans to bring it to Consoles.

      Contrary to belief we that mostly use a console for our gaming aren't all 15 year old A.D.D sufferers. More to the point, Demon Souls, the most death punishing game of rhe modern age is exclusive to PS3, so yeah pretty sure we can handle it >_>

        See I think the opposite when I think of console gamers, I picture mature aged guys and gals with families and full time jobs that are over the appeal of having the best graphics and no longer have time/interest in building maintaining PC's.

    The game is no where near as bad as ANYONE says. If you are weak and stupid will die due to other players. If you are strong and smart you will die via bugs. Either way the complaints are meaningless and only reinforce the fact that one is a sore loser. BLOODY BUG KILLED ME LAST NIGHT> OMASFOIH:KLSAgfI::AKLISGFW

    Glad I'm not the only one that has been killed by a buggy ladder. I don't climb ladders anymore.

    DayZ is pretty easy if you just stick to servers with no one on them when you're getting gear so there's no one to kill you.
    The fact that the zombies walk through walls is pretty annoying though.

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