DayZ Spurs Mass In-Game Suicide

DayZ Spurs Mass In-Game Suicide

Dean Hall's popular zombie survival game is cruel and lonely. But the worst thing for many players is how much you need to run around to find anything useful. It's enough to make you want to end it all.

People playing DayZ kill themselves with the hopes of respawning somewhere with better materials to scavenge. And sometimes, the suicides cluster in one place. Creepy.

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    Looks like they were all members of the Boring Outfit Cult.

    Well that's gonna stink up the joint.

      Imagine if they all turned into Zombies. That would be awesome.

        That'd be brilliant if something like that was added to the game, all player deaths become zombies, creating more and more. Might help instill more comradery if needless deaths cause more zombies.

          Or maybe something like Player suicides, as it makes the game harder for being a wuss.

        yeah totally - having zombies in the game would be awesome

    Look at all those pristine bandages for the taking. That is if the shirts are still in pristine condition.

    How many times do I have to tell you, Gary? Don't spike the Koolaid with potassium cyanide!

    Looks like they all jumped off the silo...and greenshirt guy won by a shoulder.

    People hope to be reborn with better chances in better places? Saddening...

      A core concept of many of the world's religions. Replace reborn with afterlife and you cover the rest

    I think they've changed the spawns, no more spawning near Balota.

    is there a guy in corner in his underpants watching?!

    Because that's how you get ants!

    Considering how easy it is to get on your feet in a max pop un-reset server... Weaklings.

    My Clan mate had a bit of an issue with this the other night -

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