Does This Anime's Opening Look Unintentionally Sexual?

Does This Anime's Opening Look Unintentionally Sexual?

Or maybe, it's intentional? Or maybe it's nothing at all? Who knows. But what is certain is that some think Future BuddyFight's opening credits get hot and heavy — but only for a few seconds. Blink and you'll miss it!

Note: This article has content some readers might find objectionable.

Based on a card game, Future BuddyFight also has a manga and an anime that began this month. In the anime, the cards act as portals to bring monsters to Earth to become "buddies" and battle thanks to "friendship and courage." The show and the card game appear to be aimed at kids.

Below is the show's opening, and at around the 24-second point, you can see the brief clip amusing some people on 2ch, Japan's largest forum. (It doesn't have show credits, and I believe that the sequence in question is a few frames shorter in the clip than what's broadcasting in Japan.)

The scene, it seems, has inspired at least one viewer to create some fan art.

See it? So in case you missed it, here's a breakout:

Does This Anime's Opening Look Unintentionally Sexual?

Hrm... Innocuous, no? And to drive the point home — endlessly...

Does This Anime's Opening Look Unintentionally Sexual?

This seems reminiscent of this infamous Pokemon GIF.

In Japanese manga and anime lingo, "BL" is short for "boys' love" and depicts relations between male characters. On 2ch, one commenter called this sequence "BL," adding "Beast Love" in parenthesis. Others were amused at how suggestive (and sweaty) the monsters were.

They're just buddy fighting! Get your minds out of the gutter.

子供向けアニメのOPでホモセクロスwwww [2ch]


    I would not have noticed it had it not been pointed out. And going into it hunting for sexual connotations, I noticed a lot more than just the offending scene. But again, I wouldn't have picked up anything otherwise.

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