Australian PSA: Don't Cut Class. Ever.

I didn't skip school a lot — hardly at all, now that I think about it. After watching this Australian safety advertisement, I am really glad about that.

Now, there's a chance that "Set Yourself Free" could be a fake advert, given that filmmakers Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann are a pair of comedians. The Learn for Life website mentioned on the YouTube page doesn't have anything at all by way of education-focused propaganda, either. Think of it this way, then: if this is a joke, you don't have to feel bad about laughing. If it isn't, then we're all horrible people.

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    *Musters my most PE teacher voice*

    If you cut class, you will get aids and die. Explosively.

    Pretty funny.

    Went to the website (, seems fake.

      Yeah pretty sure its fake. its just a single page, probably set up so cybersquatters or whatever won't take advantage of the traffic.

      I think this was posted on gizmodo before? ppl there were taking it way too seriously

        Giz taking things too seriously is no surprise to me.

    So... if you're going to skip school, learn to read signs first?

      If you skip school you won't know how to read or at least won't be smart enough to pay attention to these signs.

        the point is that they wouldn't be able to get the message at the end of the ad…gotta love irony..

    Keep in mind Henry and Aaron also made a great little 'legitimate' ad for the Central Institute of Technology that also took off in popularity -

    It's a fake, but it shouldn't be.

      You're right. We should be telling kids that they shouldn't skip school, otherwise they'll get blown up by landmines at the beach.

      I don't care about the whole shock of it or the gore, it's just a dumb way to sell the message.

        dumb ways of selling a message is the best way to sell a message in advertising, think of the first 10 ads that come to mind and its almost guaranteed most of them are the dumb/funny ads.

          I don't know. If this is targeted to teenagers who really don't care a lot about school, I would imagine the first thing they're going to think is "that's ridiculous, that would never happen to me". By making the premise of this ad completely ridiculous, no matter how awful and horrific it is, it just ruins the credibility and makes it seem impossible in my opinion.

            I don't think ads like this (this one is clearly a fake, and yes completely over the top) is not to make you associate with the people in the ad, it is to place the images in your subconscious, and then when your brain recalls the ridiculous it also recalls the message and/or brand. Take beer ads, in particular Carlton, I'm not going to be in 90% of the situations they depict, but hell if i don't remember their ads and by association their brand.

    regardless of signs, if they are locals wouldnt they know what the area is used for?? seems like i would know where the big booms were coming from if i was a kid who lived near an artillery range...

      What makes you think they are locals? They go on a road trip and throw their map away.

        i guess because they didnt go that far? didnt seem that far anyway - more like maybe a semi remote community with beaches nobody uses

    I went to school with the guy who gets kissed....

    this is weird...

      And you also see him blow up, so I guess you got the better deal in the end...

    WTF and i just watched this but those kids should have stayed in school to learn how to read to prevent that from happening

    According to Jaden smith if we didnt go to school we would all be smarter. Also if we all had rich as fark showbiz families we'd be alright.

    That is the lesson, make sure you are born in a rich family, avoid tragedy. Too easy, don;t know why not everybody does this.

    It's about time someone had the guts to stand up and address the horrible landmine related deaths our nations children are facing by going to the beach instead of school. We only have ourselves to blame as well for being so horrible at minesweeper.

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    Bwahahaha! If you cut class you'll end up on a military testing range! I like it! Should do that for the Criminal Justice system.

    Reminds me of that drink driving add that the guy pulls over to let the sober person drive then gets taken out by a car,

    Its just stupid and makes no sense.

    That video is so ridiculous that it could be a real Australian Government authorised campaign. At the cinema the other day I saw a pre-film ad (saw about 400, actually) which targeted young people and was meant to warn them of the dangers of drink driving.

    The thing is, they've gone all creative on us, and the result was just strange, grotesque, and in my opinion, extremely poor taste. Anyone seen the ad: features actors playing a young guy whose just crashed his car and put his mate into hospital, while an over-the-top "comedic" character who is supposedly making a new music video clip runs around and generally acts like a tool.

    Watching it, I was just thinking.... what are they trying to do? Having one really bad light-hearted clown type character with cheesy jokes, mixed in with dead-pan tragic characters in a horrific situation. Am I supposed to laugh at it? Or be shocked? Is this the only way to drive home the message to young people now - because it seems pretty confusing to me. Making light of a shocking situation.... I don't know... I'd really like to know if anyone knows the ad I'm talking about....

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