Eight Bearded Clones Sing Secret Of Mana Theme

It's been a little while since we last posted an a cappella video-game arrangement from Mr Smooth McGroove, but that doesn't mean the bearded bard hasn't been banging out new material.

His latest is "Into the Thick of It" from the SNES classic Secret of Mana, originally composed by Hiroki Kikuta. It's awfully lovely. Makes me want to fire this game up.


    The headline made me think you meant the title theme, but this is acceptable too.
    I also now feel like playing that game again.

    Taste the steel of my death stick you ultra cute Rabites of doom!

    Now I feel like playing that game again. I can still remember all the grinding I did for hours and hours and hours.

    This is one of those tunes (like mario and zelda music) that I often find myself humming at random times for no apparent reason! Top job as always Mr McGroove!

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