Eight Minutes Of Orc Assassination In The Newest LOTR Game


If you woke up craving new footage from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, the newest game in Tolkien’s iconic fantasy world, then you crave weird things. But also, you’re in luck: via GameSpot, here’s eight new minutes of footage from Shadow of Mordor, filled with orc-stomping and orc-slashing and orc-murdering.

We don’t know when this one’s coming out, but we do know that it’s set between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, and that it’ll be on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4. Something tells me the next-gen version will be the one to care about.


      • Definitely looks cool AND brutal which is always a plus. It is pre-alpha, so even if they have used assets from AC I’m sure they’ll tweak it so it’s much more unique.

        I don’t think I’ve ever played a LOTR game I’ve liked (I’ve steered clear of most), but this looks pretty fun.

        • Yeah, LOTR games have been hit and miss, mostly miss. They’ve been decent at best, though Battle for Middle Earth 2 was pretty good. Fingers crossed.

  • Looks awesome. Taking the great parts of others like the stealth and climbing of Assassins Creed and the brawling of Batman. Holding back potential though by catering for the previous gen. Just have a look at how the Witchers progressing to see a game with the opportunity to let loose

  • WOW!

    I had read all the articles about a previous AC dev claiming this uses AC code, and after watching the video I must say I completely agree. This looks exactly like AC. Animations and code are definitely similar, if not the same.

  • I will be honest when i read Game informer a month or so ago when they had watched and played the game where this exact footage came from my entire opinion of this game did a 180.

    Previously the mere mention of a game that uses any kind of non original source material specially book/movie/Tv show related makes me scoff and laugh it off as yet another pathetic excuse for a cash grab, because truly you can count on one hand the amount of good games that have come from it.

    But reading that article made this my number 1 most wanted game currently announced. It torpedoed past The Witcher 3, one of the greatest RPG series in decades. It eclipsed my anticipation for South park in mere sentences, it even out stripped my love for Titanfall as someone who has ordered both the statue AND the Limited edition controller.

    This game is the very culmination of everything I have ever wanted out of a RPG. Open world, evolving enemies, assassins creed like stealth opportunity’s with the fantastic combat of a exceptionally competent hack n slash. An interesting and yet unique story within a world already rich in lore with ample RPG elements within skill tree’s, narrative choices and complex missions side quests and enemies that actually matter.

    IF they can pull this off, it stands to be one of the best RPG’s made since the 90’s. It will show the culmination of effort done by the entire last console generation taking everything that has worked well and cutting the rest to create the ultimate gaming experience that for once gives the player REAL choice and real powers to shape and change how the game is played.

    I can not rave enough about how astounding this game will be if they pull off everything they are aiming for. I will literally throw a blank cheque at whatever ultimate edition this game can think of making if the game works and I ABHOR these ultimate editions.

    Since i’m also hyper critical of most games, it says a lot about this one that I rave this much. I only hope it won’t disappoint.

    • I’m feeling similar. My favourite movies of all time are LOTR, from which my favourite character is Aragorn. My favourite type of game is open world, medieval, fantasy in which I always play a stealth based character. And Assassin’s Creed is pretty much one of my most favourite franchises ever.

      So it feels like this game is the result of someone scanning my brain and making the ultimate game for me.

  • The game looks great especially for pre-alpha code.

    I must agree though it looks strikingly similar to Assassins Creed and even Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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