Everyone Seems To Have Forgotten About The New Castlevania Game...

The original Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, by most accounts, was a really well made action/adventure/slasher. Some people legitimately loved it. Which is why it's so bizarre that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 has flown so expertly under the radar.

I haven't heard many folks talking about it, or getting excited for it, and it's coming out in February.

I had the chance to play the first hour or so and well, the combat is actually quite great. Really weighty, precise, clever. It moves seamlessly into platforming sections and it all feels very well produced. I remember really not liking the platforming in the first game, but this time the whole package feels a little smoother. I'll have longer impressions, hopefully next week, but for now why not watch this developer diary to get an idea of what the team is shooting for with this sequel.


    Already got it preordered day 1! I didn't play the first one tho. I should pick up the PC HD edition and finish it before then.

      yup Id definitely recommend picking it up, probably the complete package because the DLC is kind of the explanation on how it all happens. I wouldn't worry too much about Mirror of Fate if you haven't got the time because it didn't add too much story wise but if you've got the time it doesn't take long so just go for gold

    Probably because everyone is focused on the ps4 and xb1.

      Yeah, not one single person has mentioned the follow-up to Dark Souls in recent months...

        To be fair, Dark Souls gets a lot of air time here.

      It's a shame that neither of those consoles has the backward compatibility features to play games like this then.

    It's a last gen game. That's why there is no buzz. Simple. Developers are kidding themselves if they think anyone who has or wants a ps4 or X1 still wants games for an old console. Stop this cross gen crap too.

      I'm going to have to disprove your hypothesis there. I want a PS4, I still have a wishlist of last gen games I'm looking forward to this year. There are last gen games coming out this year that people are very excited for (see Dark Souls II, MGS: Ground Zeroes) that have or want current gen consoles. It comes down to marketing for the game and the fact that it is somewhat of a niche title these days.

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 has flown so expertly under the radar.

    Liar! I've had mine pre-ordered for months that's partially paid off! I'm looking forward to the direction they're taking this portion of the franchise to! I don't care if people call it a God of War rip-off. God of War was what I expected a good 3D Castlevania game to be!

    and why is it 'wrong' to look at God of War being a better Castlevania game then what the N64 Castlevanias were but it's perfectly ok for Castlevania to pretty much steal Metroid to the point that it coined the title of "Metroidvania"?

    When I see it on Steam, I'll buy it. until then, I care not.

    The first game was awesome, and I'm looking forward to this game to - but you're right in a way that, it will probably get over-looked. March is one crazy month for games, plus thief will be out around the same time.

    Last gen games will not be around as long as MS & Sony would like us to give a shit for. Not to mention retailers that need to stock multiple SKUs of hardware/software, all that inventory for a dying platform takes big chunk of cash.

    Thought it had already come out tbh. Got the first one but still haven't played it (pile of shame...) so haven't paid attention to the sequel obviously... :(

    I played the first one for 8 hours on PC. Then I ran into a QTE blatantly designed for a controller, and was impossible to recreate on a keyboard. I tried for 51 minutes before I gave up on the game entirely. Now that I have a compatible controller, I should try to replay it.

    I got to have a shot of this and Yaiba at PAX last year, and while Yaiba let me down big time, the new Castlevania had me really impressed. It looks like a pretty indepth action slash-em-up, and the graphics were just amazing.

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